Paul Rudolph Drawings

paul rudolph drawings

Callahan Residence, Birmingham, Alabama 1965 – Rendering by Paul Rudolph

Architect Paul Rudolph (1918-1997) was known for his much-loved (and loathed) Brutalist yet spatially complex buildings. As one of the pioneering figures of the ‘Sarasota School of Architecture’ in the late 1940s, Rudolph gained a worldwide audience with his innovative design for the modern American home. His best known architectural masterpieces are the Yale School of Architecture, the Government Service Center and the Crawford Manor. By the late 70’s and into the 90’s, Rudolph who was unmoved by the Post-modern dominance in architecture, steadfastly continued to design powerful Modernist structures now gracing the urban skylines of the Far East.

paul rudolph drawing

Burroughs Wellcome Company, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, 1969-1972

Aside from his built works, Paul Rudolph was also a master renderer known for his dynamic graphic presentations drawn with incredible precision much like a Victorian etching; from the building elements to the texture of the materials realistically amplified with light and shadows. His trademark presentation technique involves a black-and-white rendering of a building’s cross-section which is drawn to a large scale on a single-point perspective. Such accuracy enabled him to illustrate and investigate the realities of his buildings and their spaces, and thus allowing his designs to evolve as he further refined his rendering techniques.

paul rudolph

Walker Residence, Sanibel Island 1952-1953

paul rudolph

Resort Community, Stafford Harbor, Virgina 1966

architectural drawings

Study of Lower Manhattan Expressway, Ford Foundation, NY, NY 1967-1972

For more information about Paul Rudolph and his works, check out The Paul Rudolph Foundation and the blog.

The images above are from Paul Rudolph: Architectural Drawings by Yukio Futagawa. You can pick up a copy at Amazon.

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