Wow! Fun, exciting work from Austin-based design collective Ptarmak. Their work is a refreshing example of design that looks great, and is also very usable. I love when design can do both of those things. It’s simple and clear, but equally as sophisticated. And that typography: whew!

Another aspect of Ptarmak that I enjoyed, was their spot on presentation. Great design aside, you don’t have anything without a good presentation. The work is photographed nicely and really shows the variety and attention to detail throughout their portfolio.

Also, check out their blog.


Also worth checking: Ed Nacional.

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That is amazing work. The type on the Chop Shop logo is beautiful.

(especially The Chop Shop)

hey, that’s awesome! they’ve used our Paper Pack contents for their board!

Literally fell in love when I saw this post today… great studio.

Joshearon |

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Oh, they’re behind at least some of the new Whole Foods packaging! I’ve been really struck by the improved design on so much of their store-brand stuff lately. I’m gonna have to go look at more of their stuff!

yonatron |

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Beautiful work and local! Love the iconography.

hello talent.