Monsters of Folk Poster

monsters of folk
Monsters of Folk Concert Poster by Jason Munn of The Small Stakes

The poster pick for this week features this Monsters of Folk Concert Poster designed by Jason Munn of The Small Stakes. This is a nice example of the impressive and sophisticated work that The Small Stakes churns out. Note the harmony in the composition and see if you can spot any patterns in this poster. This is smart design.

This poster is available for purchase here.

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I like it. Very simple but smart.

That’s just brilliant, I’ve always beeen an M. Ward & Conor Oberst fan so I adore the Monsters Of Folk as well. Nice to see a great poster of them pop up here.

love Monsters of Folk and love Small Stakes. His work is really well-considered.

My crush on Jason Munn grows deeper and deeper. And, I don’t know if I’m just dense, but I don’t spot a pattern in this poster. Clue please!

yeah, i’m also not sure what you mean by ‘pattern’…

Ryan T |

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subtle, yet so clever.

The strings are light to dark, right to left. The pick is a petal. Seven petals, seven dots. ??? Betty

Betty |

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