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spacetime wall art

The girl on the end is seriously hating on the little dude. Ride on bro!

I came across this ad in an old Italian design magazine a few years back. I scanned in the image and quickly forgot about it. In my haste I forgot to write down any relevant information. Now I’m stuck without a clue as to who made this super cool kids toy.

I wonder if you need two people to use it? It’s obvious that you can pop wheelies all day with this thing, but i’m curious if you can actually “rock it” with one person. Anyone have any info on this thing? Give it up!


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Cool idea, toe crushing consequences aside.

Michael Rylander |

Found design |

There’s a serious metaphor here.

R. Craw |

Found design |

I’m pretty sure she is thinking “I wanted the red one!”.

I don’t remember playing on anything like that when I was 5, but I would have definitely been down with that.

Raymond |

Found design |

Hell to the yeah-what Raymond said.

wooty woot to the seesaw.