Terrible Yellow Eyes

terrible yellow eyes, alberto cerriteño

“With a Private Boat” by Alberto Cerriteño

Terrible Yellow Eyes is a collection of works inspired by Maurice Sendak’s beloved children’s book, Where the Wild Things Are. Illustrator and animator Cory Godbey created the project to pay tribute to and celebrate Sendak’s story about a young boy sailing to the land of the Wild Things and conquering its inhabitants.

Godbey invites artists to contribute works inspired by Sendak’s story, and each painting is new, exciting, and filled with adventure. Check out the full collection at here.

terrible yellow eyes, meg hunt

“Wild Rumpus” by Meg Hunt

terrible yellow eyes, dan matutina

“Hide and Seek” by Dan Matutina

terrible yellow eyes, rilla alexander

“Max and the Magic Flute” by Rilla Alexander

terrible yellow eyes, john coulter

“Wild Chocolate!” by John Coulter

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