Andrew Bird Poster by Methane Studios

andrew bird poster
Andrew Bird Poster by Methane Studios. 18″ x 24″

There is so much to love and appreciate about this week’s poster pick by Methane Studios. Let me begin by pointing out the color combinations which I happen to think are perfect. This awesome beast is impressive with its geometric body, patterns, and textures. It’s great seeing how the patterns take on new life with different coloring. As always, the type use and positioning is very well done.

The Andrew Bird poster is available for purchase here.

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I also love how they were able to give you a sense of Calexico’s presence, while still leaving you certain that it is a poster for Andrew Bird…

who is freaking awesome live by the way…

Lovely poster. I assume it is a “Noble Beast.” :)

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nice. in the same vein as this one:

spencer |

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Beautiful colors and shapes. Is that a bee’s nest? Very tense.

Wow. Such amazing colour and texture.

And I just love grain edit!

so cute!!!!!!!!!!