Poster Pick: Sonic Youth at the Turner Hall Ballroom

sonic youth

Sonic Youth Concert Poster designed by the Little Friends of Printmaking

After our interview with the Little Friends of Printmaking we decided to make their Sonic Youth print our Poster Pick of the week. If you haven’t seen the interview yet, it’s worth checking out. Melissa and JW break down the process of creating the Sonic Youth poster from the initial concept to the finished product.

You can purchase the Sonic Youth – Milwaukee concert poster at Poster Cabaret.

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I love it

Chris Mulligan |

Poster Picks |

I love how the text is integrated into the piece just as the shapes of color does. It serves to accentuates and comes as a pleasant surprise when the viewer comes across all the information that is stored in the illustration.

It’s great, there’s just the right amount of negative space and color balance to make the illustration fit anywhere if you wanted to hang it up in your house or office. As well, I love the humor in this, but as well you really stylized this urban whimsical-ness to the skull really well.

Thanks for the showing these guys. Major inspiration.

Matilda |

Poster Picks |

i’ve always been a big fan of sonic youth and their style! this poster is excactly what i was looking for my kitchen! thanks a lot for this and by the way: sy are playing one concert in germany – don’t miss it!

The poster says it all! Sonic Youth Sculls (+: