Ed Nacional

Meet Ed Nacional. Recent New York Times intern, Parson’s design student, and all around purveyor of great design. Ed’s typographic style, sensibility and skills struck me right off the bat. I especially love the “Nita Nita” graphics and the “We Cab Double You” typography. Sweet stuff.

You see Ed’s work in it’s full glory here.

He also has a blog, a dropular, a behance, and twitter.

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Intern?! This guy is good.

Go Ed, Go!

Ed’s been a friend of mine for several years and his level of talent as a designer has amazed me more each year. It’s like he can do almost anything!

I like it a lot, it looks vintage, but very authentic at the same time.

Ed’s style rules!

Wow. Amazing talent.

Very interesting design. Classic look and traditional methods of expression combined with real talent makes this work really interesting. Hope that the author will be recognizable and successful in near future.

I’m a huge fan of this style. Very pleasing to look at. Wonderful!

Go Ed, it’s your birthday! Props for getting it on at Grain Edit.

Your pal,