Vintage Arcade Game Graphics

vintage arcade games

Pitfall (Activision) circa 1982

Nick Dart recently launched a cool resource for vintage game graphics. Art of the Arcade features game packaging, advertisements, logos, etc. from the golden era of arcade gaming, the 70′s and 80′s. I miss Pitfall!

On a related note, if you ever find yourself in Portland,OR, you have to stop by Ground Kontrol. The place is filled with classic games like Q-Bert and Pac-Man.

vintage arcade games

vintage arcade games

vintage arcade games

vintage arcade games

vintage arcade games


Also worth checking: Vintage Cassette Tape Covers.

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So many memories for me in this era. I kinda miss it.

Me too. I never had the Atari 2600, but I an Atari 800 computer and the Coleco Gemini. The Gemini was a piece of crap, but I think it could play Atari games.

Video Game Console rollcall! Anyone have Intellivision? I wanted that so bad.

Art of the Arcade is an awesome blog. Ground Kontrol is the best arcade ever. I live next to it and go to their free play night every month.

They have a free play night? What night is that?

I love how Quadra Pong shows FIVE people. Is the fifth person just watching?

Atari, Amiga, Commodore. Oh the early years without stress ;-)

I used to play Pitfall like a feind!

Pitfall 2 was awesome too… swinging across underground caverns!!
oh yeah!

Or if you’re in Brooklyn, you can come visit Barcade. :)

Two words: Activision patches.

If only Pitfall the game actually looked like the illustration. So cool!

Those are so rad!, Ground Kontrol is always a good time as well!

I’ll have to look for my Pitfall and Seaquest patches.

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Long live the pixel! :D