Portugal 1981 Census Stamps

invisible creature

1981 Portugal Recenseamento Nacional Censos stamp designed by José Luiz Tinoco.

Beautiful Portuguese stamp from the 1980s. That man’s head is either made of IBM punch cards or little people windows. You make the call.

invisible creature


Also worth checking: Hans Kleefeld Canadian Census stamp.

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An interesting theme dominating the stamps. Great project – simple and very artistic. I miss that kind of projects. Nowadays everything must be so rich, colorful and easy to understand. Where did the original posters art gone? I would give a lot to see some projects of that value. Nice that you are posting some interesting graphic themes that can really show what does it mean to create something original and sophisticated.

Great stamps. Really like the ’8′s.

Fantastic colors.

Any tips on scanning stamps? I have a collection of supercool mid-century Polish stamps, but am scanner ignorant. Would love to get some high-quality output. Thanks for any tips.

Great timing for the post as an above poster has said, we are in a very volatile economic climate, especially here in the U.S.

Beautiful site. The graphics are excellent. Greetings from Polish.

nice, so original!

great, so original!