Abner Graboff

abner graboff

Mr. Angelo by Marjory Schwalje – Illustrations by Abner Graboff c1960

Ward Jenkins has an excellent interview with Jon Graboff over at the Ward-O-Matic.  Jon is the son of the uber talented Abner Graboff, an American artist who illustrated a slew of amazing children’s books during the 1950s and 60s.  In one part of the interview Jon mentions that his brother informed him that their dad had designed the CBS “eye” logo but didn’t receive credit for it. The credit went instead to the chief art director at the network. That art director would be William Golden. Is it possible that Abner Graboff designed the CBS eye logo?

abner graboff

abner graboff

The Abelard Folk Song Book, 1958.

You can pick up a copy of Mr. Angelo at Amazon.


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Loving the mustaches and those dance moves! I think it’s very plausible that Abner Graboff designed the eye logo or at least had a hand in the design.

Beautiful. I love Graboff’s work.

Man…wish I was so agile like those dancers…so I could amaze even Travolta :)

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Wonderful work! I love Abner Graboff’s work! Very inspiring:)
Off to check that interview.

love graboff’s work….

heres an album cover i picked up a few weeks back, I was able to get the grease pencil off, enjoy


THANKS for posting this! I absolutely love it

I really like graboff’s work, I even use some of it for our office decoration, it’s really inspiring….

I love Graboff’s illustration style, especially the fine line texture and color use, great posting, thanks for sharing!