Hermann Eidenbenz

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Hermann Eidenbenz – grafa international poster 1936

Beautiful poster from Swiss designer Hermann Eidenbenz. Hermann also designed the Clarendon typeface. Brings back memories of delivering newspapers as a kid.

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I’m sure you know, but just so nobody gets the wrong idea: Eidenbenz designed a version of Clarendon for metal-type for Haas’sche Schriftgiesserei (and thus later Stempel -> Linotype).

Nice poster – love the big circles and the warm grey background.

This is a timeless design. It really could have been created today. Clean, modern with touches of vintage. It’s great!

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Thanks Thierry!

dave did you delivery newspapers without a bike?
I feel tired for that kid.

Maybe you already know it but I find it worth mentioning that he also designed bank notes for Switzerland and Germany.

Dang straight, I walked that route. Anyone else hold it down a newspaper gig?

Aaah this is so great! I love old poster designs!

love this! i always love a mix of good graphic design + photography.