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One of my favorite past times is sewing, and seeing this poster by Paris based graphic design and illustration studio, Supercinq, makes my crafty little hands flutter with joy!

I love all of the playful shapes and objects within this poster, as well as the clustered mix of fancy hand drawn type. I especially like the color scheme of this piece. The black hand holding a white needle with red thread provides a nice contrast against the lightly textured aqua background.

Raphaëlle Vimont, Mathias Galliot, Nicolas Velten and Dorian Bonny are the brains behind Supercinq. Check out more of their neat work on their website.






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that first poster is delicious! i love the doily and the hand lettering.

Hey !
So funny to see this one here,
The play “Le béret et la tortue” is in the theater “melo d’amelie” in my street, rue Marie Stuart in paris :)
Reading your blog for a while now, such a small world ….
keep up the good work !

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That poster is superb!
So much info… but I could still focus:)
Just love it.

Love this poster, so pretty!

i want that little book!

That last design with the tree is outstanding, as is all of the pieces too.