Lost Charley Harper Paintings Rediscovered

Charles Harper

I’d like to thank Rena Hopkins of the Charley Harper Art Studio for passing on the good news that a lost trove of original Charley Harper paintings have been rediscovered. These paintings were commissioned for the Ford Times and Lincoln Mercury Times Magazines and include many pieces from Charley’s beloved bird series. You can find out more info at the studio’s exciting new blog. Original Harper prints for Ford Times magazine are available for purchase here.

Charley’s son Brett will be on hand to personally introduce this new collection at an opening at Fabulous Frames and Art, one of our longest standing retailers, from 11 am-5 pm Saturday, July 11th. This local show will run from July 11th through August 8th.
Fabulous Frames and Art
10817 Montgomery rd
Cincinnati, OH 45231

Charles Harper

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That’s fantastic news. I really love the owl with mouse on the studio’s blog.

I can’t wait to see these paintings in person!

Thanks for sharing, it’s great news for Charley Harper fans. Hope the exhibition makes it to the UK at some point.

Wow! That’s really great news :D

Good thing these paintings are rediscovered. Will be looking forward for the introduction of these paintings. Have a great day!

Cool news.

Barry A. Smith |

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wow. i never wanted to be in cincinnati so much.

Hi, great post. I just bought the Charley Harper matching card game from Old Navy yesterday and I can’t wait to open it. Def. wont’ be same as the art opening but unfortunately, I live in California.

awesome! i love the little sneaky birdy with the feather in his mouth!
too cute!