Ferris Bueller House For Sale

ferris bueller house

The Ben Rose home designed by A. James Speyer and David Haid

Anyone have 2.3 million dollars I can borrow? The mid-century modern home featured in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is now for sale. If we all chip in $5 we might be able buy this house in 10 years. Maybe they accept trades? I hope the red 1961 Ferrari 250 GTO comes with the house.

The Highland Park, Illinois home was designed by architects A. James Speyer and David Haid and built in 1953. It features four bedrooms and a living room that cantilevers over a ravine.

ferris bueller house

ben rose house

ben rose house


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If the Ferrari does come with it, it’ll be a treehouse by now!

I want that house (and the car)!!! Although, it was Ferris´ friend Camerons house, if I remember correctly.

Alexandra |

Found design |

does anybody know where I can view floor plans for this house? Can’t quite figure it out. I’ve had a good search on google to no avail!

Always loved this house and the garage, in fact the garage would make a pretty cool apartment itself. Oh, and the car, who could forget that!

The ferrari and the 80s modern answering machine, and you have a deal!

Great find, Dave!

Amazing building. The Ferrari (which was a California Spyder, not a GTO) would still be worth over 10 times what the house is going for though.

It would be worth as much or more than the house if it was a real Ferrari, but it wasn’t.

Alan |

Found design |

Consider, though: If you lived there, you could never again throw a stone.

Adam |

Found design |

I only want it, if I can have the Ferrari crashed in the ravine below.

Josh |

Found design |

It’s very cold and very beautiful and you are not allowed to touch anything.

TonyS |

Found design |

I love looking at these types of houses, but I have to imagine the reality of living in one is a nightmare. With all that glass, there’s going to be times of the day when the sun blasts in and makes the whole place unlivable.

I am wondering if this will be in another grain edit giveaway?

Abby S. |

Found design |

when Cameron was in egypt’s land……..let my Cameron goooooo ;)

Best home design i like idea.

Not a real Ferrari, it was a replica mounted over a old Alfa Romeo