Human Empire / Andreas Samuelsson T shirt Giveaway

Human empire t shirt

Human Empire – Vinyl is Forever T shirt

Soundscreen Design is a product design company inspired by music. They are curating, manufacturing and distributing a line of t-shirts, hoodies and tote bags featuring artists’ iconic interpretations of the phrase “Vinyl is Forever”. Inspired by iconic visual slogans such as “I (heart) NY” and “Virginia is for Lovers”, and referencing music obsessives’ everlasting love of vinyl records, the series will appeal to music, art and fashion fans alike. For avid music fans, vinyl has become both the format of preference as well as a badge of honor. The wearables are designed to be a badge they can wear proudly.

To celebrate the release of the Vinyl is Forever product line we’ve teamed up with Soundscreen Design for a special giveaway.

Two lucky grain edit readers will be taking home a Vinyl is Forever t shirt. We only have 1 of each shirt, so the first place winner will get first pick.

Option #1

Human empire t shirt

1 limited edition Vinyl is Forever t shirt designed by Human Empire

Andreas Samuelsson

1 Limited edition Vinyl is Forever t shirt designed by Andreas Samuelsson


Sounds great, but how do I enter?


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From the two winners

From our two winners (One from the comments of this post and the other from the twitter direct messages), we will randomly pull our 1st and 2nd place winners. 1st place gets 1st pick of the two shirts.


We’d like to thank Soundscreen Design for sponsoring this giveaway. Please consider signing up for their email newsletter to keep up with all the latest product releases and giveaways.



Ok, let’s go
Why not a Morr Music record as a favorite?

Love your giveaway. Love the design.
Hope I’ll win…

Love both shirts, especially the Human Empire one. Fantastic giveaway!

Nice shirts ! and nice random contest !

wow, the grey shirt is awesome (in fact both are:) ). i’m a dj myself, one of the few im city still using vinyl. but i think that the music i dj (sixties soul, funk, reggae, some early hiphop…) should be played from the medium it was produced for. i’d take pride in wearing any of the shirts, as i believe that vinyl is indeed forever:)

I’d love to win a t-shirt that tells the world I love vinyl…even though I use Serato nowadays :D

Vinyl – it’s just a beautiful medium full of life and character. (And that’s even before you look at the sleeves).

Vinyl isn’t always forever. They eventually wear down to stop working, but pumping that vinyl into my Macbook helps preserve it.

So count me in. :D

Why do I like vinyl? Two words: hiss and pops. Thanks for the cool contest!

Becky Clawson |

Contests and giveaways |

Love vinyl, love both shirts!

Both are cool!

Oh I’d love to win this! My boyfriend owns a record store and I think he’d love it!

Great design…I have been collecting vinyl for 45 years, since I got “Meet The Beatles” for my birthday…rock on.

Fun design on #1.

I love vinyl and I need a shirt!!!

I love this shirt and I love vinyl! The sound you get from vinyl is so warm and fuzzy

I need more vinyl, so maybe the t-shirt will encourage me. I have a record player that looks like a suitcase. I want the t-shirt so bad it makes me cry. Count me in!

Vinyl and cotton… count me in.

V is for Vinyl!!! Woo-hoo!

that is a sweet design. count me in, yo.

vinyl creaks way better!

Yes, vinyl is forever! Where else can I listen to sounds from the studio: compare Steely Dan’s Aja Vinyl to CD. And of course a big influence on many of us, the album cover art work.

Checko Salgado |

Contests and giveaways |

Option #1
Right on the spot!!!

Marcelo P. |

Contests and giveaways |

I love the Human Empire tshirt…love to win that!

I love the Human Empire shirt. Count me in for that.

The human empire shirt rocks!!!!!! Please pick me!!!!!!!!!

id like to enter. grey one for me please. cheers

vinyl + t-shirts = good times

Vinyl is indeed forever. Want!

T-shirt is nice. thanks for the daily inspiration!!

Count me in. Tshirt 1 is the best of the two. I too would wear it DJing (and out digging and drinking and bombing…I do all three at once ). Wish I was back In California. Life has planted me in England temporarily I hope. A tee would make me grin.

They grey is righteous! Vinyl is forever…better than diamonds if ya ask me!

Lovely t-shirts! Vinyl maybe doesn’t last forever, for the soul of it does…

I think they’re both cool. Grey maybe edges out red because it’s grey.

vinylistyle! love tshirt 2!

viva la vinyl or um something

camelcamel |

Contests and giveaways |

So cute! Love to get one!

Hope I win that red shirt. Very cool contest. I was waiting all weekend to find out the specifics. Keep up the great work.

You can give those straight away to me. Thank you. :)

love the contests. hope I can win I like either shirt both are dope.
and vinyl is better, just warmer and better. but you cant play records in your car and that sucks!

I love the grey one by Human Empire! Very rad looking shirt. :)

Nice shirts. The design on the grey one is stellar. I’d love to get one of these!

These are good-lookin’ shirts, but I can’t help but think they’d be GREAT-lookin’ on me. :)

lookin good

awesome design! love the shirts!!

Diggin the shirt! One of these days I’ve gotta win!

I like both shirts

ahh, we just set up our record player yesterday after moving. it was so nice to break out the records on a sunny sunday afternoon. would love this!

Over a decade ago a dude I knew who DJ’d moved outta town and left me with a crate of straight heat – original boogie down, sugar hill, jimi, ohio players, leo sayer, sun ra, german beer hall songs and a blend of gang starr, wu tang, and stones throw pre-release bangers to boot…

I didn’t even know how to Dj but with that crate I had no choice…

Now mp3s are all the rage and my vinyl collection, though sicker than any itunes library, clunks up my entire basement storage space and plays home to spiders, reminding me that, like it or not,

vinyl is forever…

I love vinyl, especially when it is just slightly warped. It adds such an imperfect human element to an otherwise perfect reproduction. I just got Neutral Milk Hotel’s _In an Aeroplane Over the Sea_ on vinyl–I like it a lot more than the mp3s.

Hi, I already subscribe and I’d like to win a T shirt for a 12 year old boy I know who collects vinyl and phonographs — even though it was before his time!

nothing sounds as pure as vinyl

Cd artwork is just TOOOOOOOOOOO small. That large square format makes the viewer (holder) aware that the cover is a piece of Art. My albums are cherished. My cds are shifted about from car to table and treated without care often.

randy mckee |

Contests and giveaways |

I like the first shirt much more.

the first one is BEAUTIFUL!

OK, being that “Vinyl is Forever” is my personal mantra, I simply MUST win one of those shirts! I really dig the Human Empire one, very nice!

Chris Mulligan |

Contests and giveaways |

fingers crossed!

My favorite t-shirt is the one designed by Human Empire.
I love vinyls, the music sounds much warmer and the artworks are magical :D

sweet T’s yo! The Andreas Samuelsson is marginally cooler than the grey one in my books. Vinyl is definitely forever, so peoples, don’t put them in landfills! keep em’ playing

Viva la Vinyl!!

Both are super cool!!! :D I could use a new t-shirt and this vinyl design is so rad, but…I love the bright funky print, too. I would totally gift that to my hub to hang in his work office. Thanks so much for the chance! (RSS in the house!)

I’ve stopped buying cds altogether. Vinyl is the only way to go.

Vinyl is great, especially when there’s extra crackle on top.

I – heart – vinyl

Vinyl sounds better and a better collector items then crappy plastic jewel cases.

cool. i likey the gray.

peripheral |

Contests and giveaways |

i love the grey shirt. reminds me of my childhood…we had the star wars soundtrack on record. oh yeah…

I like first t shirt thank you

Joseph Lee |

Contests and giveaways |

love everything about the first one!

The first design is decent enough, but that second one has to be a joke. Please say it’s a joke.

Wow. The shirt design by Human Empire is killer! As a vinyl aficionado, I love anything that promotes the wonder of LPs.

Kristen R. |

Contests and giveaways |

super ts!

i has love for the vinyl.

I hope i’m not late to enter…

I like the red!

I’m in ! I’m in !

I have a lot of records.

So, if I already am subscribed the the RSS and folloing you on Twitter, can I still enter?

The first one’s gorgeous. :)

I like vinyl because of the sound quality. Both t shirts are really nice, and I’d be happy to win either of them.

I love vinyl
I love shirts
I love grain edit

I love the Vinyl is Forever t shirt designed by Human Empire!

I love the smell of vinyl in the morning.

I love the smell of Morr Music vinyl.

Human Empire help Morr music to stay furesssh!

And their tee would do the same for me!

vinyl sounds warm, and album artwork is way better at 12″! love!

Love both shirts. I would be happy to wear either this summer! Vinyl is great. Bigger album art! The first format of music I’ve ever heard. Very special.

love both shirts.nice giveaway,thanks grainedit:)

Yes Please! Great designs.

I want Human Empire t-shirt absolutly! I love them designs since I’ve started to listen Lali Puna just for them design covers! :)

I’m partial to the red one.

Both are awesome though…

Vinyl sounds awesome and has big cover art. What’s not to love?

o.o.o. i would love a tshirt.

If you like our tee’s and you don’t win one here…head over to our site:, where you can order directly :)

In my last move, I had to get rid of my console, and still regret it. I need to score another record player soon and don’t like the look of this new fangled, futuristic things. I want a record player that I can play Sergio Mendes on while sipping cocktails. Is that too much to ask?

From a vinyl lover, this is awesome.

Martin Parodi |

Contests and giveaways |

Music just sounds better on vinyl

Make sure you Follow us on twitter @grainedit as well as tweet the following message “@grainedit count me in #vinylisforever” You need to do both to be entered into the giveaway.

Nice shirt,
I like vinyl because of the olds choolness of having to listen to the whole side, and the artwork is bigger!

The shirts? Too rad.

I am really digging the human empire design. I like listening to Brian Eno on vinyl cause it is so warm sounding.

Diamonds and vinyl are forever! Love the Andreas Samuelsson design.. if I win send me one !! Whoo Whoo

Groovy shirts! The Human Empire design is rad! :D

Both shirts are snazzy!!! Yes, yes, vinyl has an undying beauty… it’s classic, the artwork is amazing, the sound is incredible.

i looooove the shirt by human empire. great color and fun lines. i collect vinyl. or least i like to pretend i do.

love tshirts, love vinyl, love human empire and love grain edit… 4 good reasons to have that’t shirt!

I need t-shirts :D

Music and Design is my Bread and Butter. Vinyls are definitely the Jam!

All my love and support to Grain Edit for this post.

Keep the Vinyls circulate!

ps: Great tees, Andreas one is my fav.

I have record albums hanging all over my cubicle at work. I love them and miss the days when my dad used to put a record on in the house.
And, boy howdy, do I love the design of that first option tshirt! :)

OMG I totally NEED this win! I ♥ vinyl, really I do. The human empire one is my favorite design, but red is my favorite color, what would I do? I will make a decision by the time you pick me.. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease pick me! Grain Edit rocks!

problem is, my record player broke, so now the platters all rest across from my toddler, beneath a growing stack of children’s books. they may, in fact, be there forever…

i like the gray one!

I fell in love with record album covers when I saw Miles Davis’ “Bitches Brew”. Vinyl will always rule.

Kate Earhart |

Contests and giveaways |

Great t-shirts.

That Human Empire tee looks mighty fine!

Records are the best. I love that gray shirt!

Hello Grain Edit, vinyl is precious and heavy, but i love it. x

Jen Rawlings |

Contests and giveaways |

vinyl power!

Marie T. M. |

Contests and giveaways |

vinyl vinyl is so fun… and on a t-shirt… i want one!

Very cool shirt!! & poster!

Nice shirts! Love the 1st one.

I love vinyl because it reminds me of my quest around every thrift shop in town to find super rare vinyls and classics when I was back in Brazil. Great times and great experiences.
I wanna enter on the giveaway :D D

Vinyl is great because it sounds great. Try playing MP3s through a hi-fi sound system and then A/B that with a good vinyl record. The difference is night and day.

Man this stuff is always so sweet. Love the tee. You’re darn right vinyl is forever – I’ll never let my Sound of Music record go (I’m totally serious..for real.)

Way cool! I love my vinyl collection.. I’m kind of addicted o.o

O O O O me me me

lucia mora |

Contests and giveaways |

i lovethe tshirt! i want one!

i like shirts. i like vynil. i like vynil shirts.

I’m really loving the grey t-shirt! Vinyl is the way to go! still have about 1000 of ‘em :)

I love the shirt by Human Empire! Those v-necks are sexy. And records have an amazing way to throw you back. The only thing close I can get in my car is am. radio.

Crack, Hiss, Pop…I love the graininess of vinyl!

Your site is refreshing and fun. Love the t-shirt. Can’t wait to wear it all around Sarasota Florida :)

Love the Human Empire design.

Great shirts. I love the one by Andreas Samuelsson

Love vinyl, love the shirts. Thanks for the giveaway.

love the shirt by human empire

thanks for your great blog! and giveaway!

here’s hoping……

Great website, lovely shirts.

Shane MacInnis |

Contests and giveaways |

killer blog, great design inspiration. how about some old school baseball logo inspiration…
vinyl is finer

Vinyl is truly forever for me! I just finished a nice deep 2 hour all vinyl mix.

I would love this shirt!

Option 1!!

Everyone loves a competition it seems.
Grey gets my vote.
Vinyl IS forever, there is a unseemingly endless supply of new treats to find, as my bank manager will testify…

Good luck one and all (but mainly me…!)

If only I had a record player: vinyl is rock and roll. And rock and roll is forever.

i love the first design. i do not like the second. the end. thanks!

Just today my boyfriend was discussing getting rid of his records, a whole box of them that were his dad’s, that are now faithfully stored overseas by a friend. Very sad sentiment indeed. I’d like to win him this t-shirt to renew his faith in vinyl.

Thanks for the cool contest!
Love the Human Empire version. It goes great with my t-shirt that has the design of little disc you put in the 45′s, so it can play on the turntable.
Ellen aka ellenronnie on twitter, following you there for a while now.

I love vinyl because records were made to be broken.

Just went through all my moms vinyls and starting my own collection ! Love to inspire others with this amazing shirt!

Vinyl is… slowing down to appreciate the music.

First shirt. Its as a MerFer. Adorn me with that.

Trevor Davis |

Contests and giveaways |

I love the Human Empire design. Very stylish. I love the process of playing a record- putting the needle on, admiring the artwork, much more tactile than a download.

I like records.

Awesome shirts! I dig both, but prefer the first one.

Vinyl is cooler. Cool never dies.

Love the human empire shirt, great design, and vinyl is the best because it is something you have to set up and really enjoy. its something that you really get sucked into.

I’d personally prefer the second design. I also like records because they have better graphics, better sound, and are easier to cue when dj’ing. I can’t begin to tell you the panic attacks I’ve had while doing my radio show and trying to get past a boring spot of a track on a cd deck.

Damnit pick me >_< And certainly the first design. The second one looks like a kindergartner with too much creative freedom made it.

Just got the necessary stuff to set up my old vinylplayer, would be cool to do it dressed in the grey shirt :)

Vinyl is dead sexy! Just like the grey tee…


In 200 years, my great, great, grand kids will inherit my vinyl collection, while my CDs and mp3s erased themselves or became corrupted years ago…

count me in #vinylisforever !

great t shirt design!

michelle y. |

Contests and giveaways |

Human Empire design rocks!

love the number 1! great giveaway!

I have a friend in his 20s who has never so much held a vinyl record or played one. The more I explained the romance involved with buying a record, taking it out and playing it, the more I realized how crazy I sounded, but also how much I miss them. I have a collection of over 1,000 records that I have never traded, sold or given away no matter how much turmoil it’s brought me through the years.

Justin Visible |

Contests and giveaways |

the best things in life are freeee. pick me!

mmm…i love listening to vinyl! it’s great to keep analog technology alive!

Love these giveaways and LOVE the shirts. Fingers crossed!

Yes, please!

Laura Brown |

Contests and giveaways |

three cheers for vinyl!

My Aunt played a vinyl record from the late Theresa Tang (Famous Chinese siner) and a pair of standard speakers are enough to show how great the quality of it is compared to CD and mp3.

That is why vinyl is forever.


Not a big fan of #2. It’s great design for a 2nd grader. Not sure what Andreas was going for on this one. The first one is cool, however. Love the colors and retro design. I have a good vinyl collection as well. I used to manage a record store back in the 80s and have a TON of POP display items i.e. posters, cover art mini posters, etc. Plus, my dad us was a radio personality and has a killer jazz vinyl collection that we all enjoy.

vinyl is for me, tshirt #1 is for me… forever!

love them both and will take either…if I win.

Kiss Destroyer was my first album! I’m old. I could use a new shirt.

i’m in for this

Love these shirts, especially the 1st one! Hope I win!

I like vynil because as John Peel put it: Life Too Has Surface Noise

how come i never win anything?

lucia mora |

Contests and giveaways |

love both shirts. first one is my fave!… n i love me some vinyl too. pick me!!!!

I really like the first one.

Also, probably a semi-douchey move on my part but i felt very inspired by the theme


I love vinyl – I always did. I kept all the 60s stuff fom my mom! AND there will never be more space to design a cover!

The human empire page is the page my Hand Job book always falls open to because it’s my favorite page and I always look at it. I have been meaning to check out their website for so long and do you know I finally did today and it lead me to this link, to win a free t shirt. It seems meant to be that I should win. Although, the red one is secretly my favorite of the two t shirts. Now I feel terrible.

Love love love! Gorgeous designs.

Nothing like the rich, fat sound of a vinyl.

Indeed, vinyl IS forever!

They’re so different, but I love both.

I prefer the Human Empire shirt as it doesn’t look like it was made in MS Paint, no offense.

I also prefer vinyl not only because it truly does sound better but because the format itself just makes me appreciate the purchase more. You get the huge artwork sleeve and the liner notes with vinyl and you’ll never see anyone storing their LP’s in a folder while CD cases on the other hand seem to be tossed out regularly and well downloads, while convenient for playing on the go, have nothing to them other than the music.

Why do I like vinyl? I like analog (says the web designer/geek for a living) because it’s solid. I have hundreds of cds that never play anymore, but my vinyl still does and sounds great. I have/rent dozens of dvds that skip and pause and cause me to miss major scenes in movies, but VHS never did that. I’m not totally against digital (put movies on a media card!). Analog should spin and digital should just lay there. I want to touch my music, I want to touch the artwork, I want the artifact.

Mmmmm… warmcraklingfuzzygroovyness! More please!

my mom bought me my first record when i was 5…barry manilow. she followed that one up with synchronicity by the police when i was 8, and i somehow managed to save birthday dollars and allowance quarters to buy my very own copy of the boss’s born to run when i was 10.

i haven’t stopped buying records ever since.

i’ve been to over 40 record conventions and own 1700+ records. good ones, too.

i need shirt 1. please.

When I was little, i had the tiny little fisher price record player. I loved that thing!!!! I begged my mom when I turned 16 to buy me a real one, and she did. I use it constantly. Of course, I own hundreds of cd’s and whatnot, but my heart belongs to the record player. I feel like i’m living in better times when i use it. It makes me feel happy!!

me, me, me! Great t-shirt / design. Love the kiddy-drawn one. xx fx

I love vinyl and still have hundreds of 12/10/7″s. I love the scratchy sound before the needle finds the groove. I love the silly tricks mastering engineers used to do–like putting two different tracks in two different grooves, so that depending where you dropped the needle on the edge, you heard one of two different tracks. Or records that started from the center. I guess it’s that it’s an immediate, physical medium. You can see it work. It’s not hidden digital.
I prefer the Human Empire design at this moment.

I love vinyl because it’s so tactile and graphic. CD-sized album covers just aren’t the same! Imagine The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper being released initially on CD. 5 inches just doesn’t do the art justice. And let’s the sound is different from digital.

I prefer tshirt #1. I hope this wasn’t too late. Also, I’m already a Twitter follower. Thanks!

God i love that T-shirt. Retro cool. I have a collection of over 253 records including original import pressings of the smiths —A hipster must! Why do I love records? The album Art of course. There are many hanging in my house, framed and proud! Long live Grain Edit!

I’m down to the wire on this one!

Love you guys and happy weekend!

I absolutely love both of the t-shirts. But option one is my favorite because of the muted tones used. Option 2′s typography is great, the weird mix would have some good glances my way if I had it on.

i think the mens shirt will look awesome on me. haha. vinyl is forever! you can kill what ain’t broke.

I (heart) them both!