New giveaway Monday

We have a few t-shirts up for grabs. See you on Monday. Have a great weekend!

New in these here parts, just what does this mean?

I want ONE

Can’t wait!

yes please!

carole |

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another one for me? :)

Yes Please!! ;-D

One for Dubai…

Tena Conil |

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I bet they’re cool. I look forward to monday.

I’d like one. is that all I had to do is post and ask? Thanks.

awesome thanks!

nice,thanks :)

deni |

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Ooooh i’m so excited!

I’d take one off your hands.

AnnR |

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its monday! can i have one too?kikiki

I’m so in need of a new t-shirt…

Annukka |

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Spare the masses from my nakidness

count me in…must have shirt…need it, want it

can we see what we are commenting to win?

No Shirt No shoes No Comment…

vinyl is forever because it sounds warm and fuzzy…

Sir Les |

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I’d love one please!! :) Ship one to India for me?

sonali |

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who wants a t-shirt? I DO!

Free shirt from my favorite blog?! Yes please!