Teenage Engineering Styrofoam Turntable and Op-1 Synth

teenage engineering

Teenage Engineering DIY Styrofoam Turntable Kit

I’m fascinated by this turntable designed by Teenage Engineering. It’s lightweight/portable and the whole unit is made out of high density Styrofoam (even the tonearm). I could really use one of these on my record digging trips. Unfortunately it will not be produced and only one unit was built for research purpose.

teenage engineering

teenage engineering

teenage engineering

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Pocket Synthesizer and Controller

Teenage Engineering is currently working on the OP-1 Synthesizer. This thing sounds amazing. It doubles as a Midi controller and boasts 8 synthesizer models, 8 samplers, on board effects, and a sequencer. Just look at all those cool knobs!

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The prototype Styrofoam Turntable looks really good and I can’t blame you why you wanted to have one :) but don’t lose hope, there’s a caption in their website that you may contact them if you think they really need to manufacture.

that would look great next to my vintage B&O..

oh man, how convenient would be to get a battery powered of those and go to vynil stores and try albums before you buy them?
that would be wonderful

great post, grain edit is my favorite website :D

wow, i never thought i’d see teenage engineering stuff on this blog, but it makes sense. i’ve been signed up for that op-1 for a few months and i’m really hoping i’m in there to be a beta tester. it’s like a casio sk-1, at least size wise, but 15,000 times cooler (and probably that many times more expensive).

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