Akimoto vs Black Slabbath-Battle of the Slab Serif Typefaces

black slabbath font

Black Sabbath designed by Stefan Kjartansson

I’ve been receiving emails in regards to the similarities between the Akimoto typeface (featured in our previous post) and Black Slabbath. I think its only fair that we feature Black Sabbath here as well. You make the call.

Black Sabbath Details:
There’s only one thing about this new typeface that isn’t colossally black: the razor-thin white space. It slices through and between geometric characters, creating a juxtaposition of contrasts and rhythms. Typeface delivered in OpenType format.

Comes in two styles. You can purchase Black Sabbath here.

black slabbath

Black Sabbath

black slabbath

Black Sabbath

and now Akimoto…..


akimoto typeface


You can purchase Akimoto here.


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Haha, Black Slabbath has to be the best typeface name ever. I absolutely love that TH ligature. Sooo yummy.

Ethan |

Found design |

I’ve got to go with black slabbath. 1) the name is fantastic 2) the negative space between letters is too good to ignore

i’m with black sabbath

akimoto’s unusual weighting seen in M and L and use of arrows bothers me, especially when presented in small sizes like seen above

I love the arrows in Akimoto, but there’s a subtle playfulness with Black Slabbath that I just can’t ignore! BS gets my vote.

there’s this nice big fat slab in march CR too

Gilles |

Found design |

gilles do you know what typeface is?

I like Akimoto much more than Black Slabbath. I saw it here yesterday and it surprised me, how little space a cool font needs for functionality. And I really love these tiny arrow-bubbles. My Favorite.

Not sure who says they look alike a lot – they’re a million miles apart, in typographic terms. I like Slabbath a whole lot more, by the way.

Dave, the big fat slab in Creative review is “Regime”
designed by Marcus Leis Allion and Jonathan Barnbook


Michel |

Found design |

I love them both. And how can you feature these two without any mention of Facebuster? It was released in 2008 as well.


Thanks Michel, I need to look into Regime

I have to go with Black Sabbath. The uppercase ‘K’ seals the deal. Great font. Cheers.

John |

Found design |

I much prefer Akimoto. For what it’s worth

shorty |

Found design |

hi dave… not to be the copy police, but missing the ‘L’ in Slabbath in several instances.

there’s also
CAPSET (Custom Typeface) at

Gilles |

Found design |

Worth reposting this with an pro and cons of each?

Gilles |

Found design |

I love akimoto, but Black Slabbath has lower case! Believe it or not, there are times when you really need it :P

really nice fonts…
can nyone tell me where to get them free of cost

Black Slabbath for the win. Akimoto looks stretched to me and a lot of the characters seem inconsistent with the rest. Cool idea for the negative white space within certain characters like N B and U but look at characters like the F and the L. Noooo good. Black Slabbath is far more refined. The characters fit together much better.