Welcome Grace!


We’d like to officially welcome Grace Danico as the newest member of the Grain Edit team.  You might of noticed her name popping up on the site over the past few months as she’s been digging up lots of goodies for us.

We asked Grace to mention a few things about herself:

“I have a fascination with ghosts and the afterlife.

I love ice cream and dim sum…just not at the same time.

I was once hit on by Steven Segal…after I threw underwear at him.

I’m not native to San Francisco. I come from the demoted planet of Pluto.

When I’m not writing, one can find me eating ice cream, drawing, traveling, or playing my drums.”

You can follow all her posts here.

Grace is a really talented artist so we’re hoping someday she’ll have some of her work up at her website, but in the meantime you can check her out at twitter @gogograce

Interested in writing for Grain Edit? Send us an email. Not signed up for the Grain Edit RSS yet? Give it a try. Do it for Grace.


Loves ice cream, plays drums, cute, and throws underwear at dorks? That’s my kinda chick! We should get together and paradiddle. Ha ha.

Watch it buster-brown. This little lady is spoken for! Add it to the list Dave. Add it to the list! Also, Mr. Mills, keep your paradiddling to yourself within your hermetically sealed blog-o-sphere. Don’t forget to clean up after yourself!

Very cool! Kul att det börjar hända saker för dig nu. Vi måste ses när jag kommer till LA. Kram på dig!

WELCOME GRACE! ;D What? You love ice cream so much that you became one? hahaha. You are what you eat!

Shaddy |

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lol Hey Derek, by the tone of Steve Mills’ note here, it seems pretty obvious that he is just joking around. And it doesn’t appear that you know what a paradiddle is? I’ll let you look it up yourself… They are both drummers and they are also both spoken for! Perhaps you can mellow out a bit and keep the atmosphere here more light hearted? Thnx :-)

Dale Sigmundson |

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By the way….
Hi Grace!! :-) lol
See you around someday maybe!

Dale Sigmundson |

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Hey Grace, Congrats! Keep snagging all the awesome work you’ve been unearthing. Give my best to Derek, Mel, and everyone else. Be well.

Ah! Thanks for all the well wishes everyone!

Jeff – I hope to visit you soon! Give my best to JP & the gang!