Bolda Display Font from The Infamous Foundry

bolda display font

The last time we mentioned Bolda Display on Grain Edit we were drooling over its eventual release. Well now its available for purchase. I gave it a test run and I have to say, I love this font.  I can’t get enough of those lowercase bubbly round slabs. Definitely one of my faves over the past year. It comes in two styles, regular and outline. This has to be the best (and only) font to be inspired by 1970s ping pong fashion.

bolda display

bolda display

bolda display

You can buy Bolda Display here.

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I’m loving this font too! I wouldn’t have guessed it was inspired by ping pong.

By playing ping-pong?

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The font reminds me strongly of the drawing style of Chris Ware. Look at Jimmy Corrigan, and you’ll see what I mean – those folded curves. Lovely.

Ahaha love the comparison with drawing style of Chris Ware !
Beautiful font, especially for title and huges letters.

Beautiful font.