Vintage Cassette Tape Covers

vintage cassettes

Bruce Jamieson of the top notch design firm I Love Dust emailed me about this diamond mine of vintage cassette tape inserts he just uploaded to Flickr. The collection includes covers from Happy Sound, Bonsonic, Philips, BASF, WHSmith, Emitape, AGFA, TDK and a grip of others.  Lots of great material from the 1970s and 80s.

See the whole collection here.

vintage casette tapes

vintage casette tapes

vintage casettes

vintage casette tape covers

vintage cassette tape covers

also worth checking: Vintage Electronics and Music Concrete booklet.

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Brilliant collection. I love the ‘Happy Sounds’ one – so over the top for a cassette cover and great colours.

The Happy Sound and Philips with the polka dots make me, well…happy. :) Thanks for sharing these.

They look very mod. As a group they have so much visual interest. Good enough to frame.

These are amazing. I absolutely love the red/yellow/black colour scheme of the BASF insert.

Hey Milena,great to see you here again!

Its amazing to think some people were using these tapes to store computer data.

I believe I still have some of those EMI tapes somewhere here, storing up my wonderfully inventive Basic programs for the BBC Micro! :-)

Great nostalgic set of shots (and yes we did walk around with pockets full of them with our precious computer data)!

I have one of those gorgeous orangey-yellow Basf cassette tapes. It contains a recording of me playing with some toy soldiers when I was three or four – I’m rambling away and then get all shy when I figure out I’m being recorded :)

I forgot all about WHSmiths tapes! Plus their old logo is pretty good.

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Check out There’s a lot of same stuff there.

I remember the great-looking BASF LH tapes used by my school in the early seventies. Sure I have some in my attic too!

Steve |

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