Wildsville – The Art of Derek Yaniger

derek yaniger wildsville

Wildsville : The art of Derek Yaniger – Published by Korero Books

I first found out about Derek Yaniger through Otto von Stroheim’s Tiki newsletter. His art harks back to the sketchy, loose line illustrations often found in cookbooks, maps, pamphlets and packages of the 1950s and 60s. It’s filled with references to hot rods, beatniks and tiki culture. It’s colorful, fun and always full of suprises.

Korero Books has just released this fantastic book entitled Wildsville: The Art of Derek Yaniger. The book is 112 pages and includes more than 140 full color images of Derek’s paintings and illustrations. I love Stuart Sandler’s (of font diner) description of Derek’s work in the beginning of the book.

“Mix together 1 part Jay Ward, 1 part Jethro Bodine, 2 parts Trader Vic, 1 1/2 parts Elvis ( the early years), 1 part Frankenstein and 3 parts Maynard Krebs, shake vigorously and strain gently over the sounds of vibraphone exotica, garnish with a little Sinatra, a rare marbled porterhouse and a dangerously dirty gin martini, and you’ll find yourself staring down the loaded double-barrel of a Derek shotgun ready to blow your mind!”

Grab a copy of the book while you can. It’s available at Korero Books and Amazon.

derek yaniger tiki

derek yaniger

derek yaniger

derek yaniger wildsville

derek yaniger

 derek yaniger


derek yaniger illustration

derek yaniger art

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Another fantastic book – your shelves must be overflowing!

It is a nice book…but I always have mixed feelings about ‘retro graphics’. Anything that comes after Jim Flora doesn’t seem to have that same punch.
How do others feel about this? Would love to know.

(^) yeah, that’s exactly what I was going to say. well, actually, I was going to submit “…5 parts Jim Flora…” for inclusion into Sandler’s foreward.

anyway, it looks great – really fun – just really reminiscent too.

100 x cooler than Shag. The blatantly retro ’50s stuff doesn’t normally do it for me, but this guy’s work is really nice.

It looks like a really nice book but isn’t that whole Beatnik Tiki thing over yet?

I really enjoy his work. Especially the red and grey tiki faces. My immediate thought was a definate Jim Flora influence and I’m glad someone else threw that out there. Nice stuff—loved the link to the Font Diner as well.

I agree with Mike Davis … this is head and shoulders above Shag. Then again, he was pretty exciting when he first hit the scene. Also agree with Matt — several parts Flora, and those endpapers look like they’re done right out of one of Ed Emberley’s books!

Who cares if a graphic is vintage or retro? If you like the style, you like the style. Since I adore that look, I have nothing but happiness when someone modern creates more of it for me to goggle over.

Gorgeously frameworthy prints in this book…

get the book – it is really well done and the guy’s work is brilliant.

I was at the book store a few weeks ago, thinking it’d be cool to have a book of Derek’s work. I looked down, and there it was!
He’s got a classic, jazzy/clip arty/spot illustration feel to what he does, yet it’s very much Derek. That book is so breezy and fun. There are a few sketches included among the finished works, which provide a nice contrast, not to mention a glimpse at his process.

Howdy chicks n’ chucks,

So glad you cats dig my scribbles….thanks for makin’ with all the kindly lingo!! As you all already know….I love me some Jim Flora!! I am obviously influenced like crazy by that cat, but just about every cartoon illustrator who scratched out work in the mid-century mode drives me batty-o, Daddy-O!! Thanks again for all the kind words….you just made my week…and how!!