1960s Zurich Booklet Designed by Franz Fassler

Zurich Switerland Map

Zurich Excursions 1963-Printed by Orell Fussli in Switzerland

The Swiss do it again! Top notch layout by Franz Fassler. Fassler also designed the cover of anwendungstechnik moderner anstrichstoffe seen in our post on modern Swiss book design. This booklet contains information on escorted and non escorted tours around Zurich.

zurich map

zurich street map

The city appears to be under attack from a giant sweat stain approaching from the north.

zurich switerland map

transportation icons

zurich map

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a giant sweat stain…and blood is running through the main street…nice place Zurich.

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wow… really beautiful. great find!

made me laugh + (as ever from you) great eye, graphics

always a pleasure to get grain!

now, must get back to Zurich again…

Thanks for stopping by Grain Edit Victoria!

Has anyone been to Zurich recently?

i live in zürich and bern