Hotel Filser, Oberstdorf, Germany

luggage label german

Rad luggage label for Hotel Filser which is located in Oberstdorf, Germany. The mountains in the back would be the Bavarian Alps. Anyone know what typeface “Filser” is set in? Is it Hand-drawn?

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Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this!

This is gorgeous! I think this is my favorite image you’ve posted, perhaps, although I might need to go through your archives again. Any chance you could post links to your favorite specimens from the archives in one spot? Maybe even this comment thread?

I love your site, by the way. I’m always excited when a new post appears in my rss reader.

Perfection! Rad, indeed.

The ‘Filser’ text appears to be hand-drawn calligraphy to my eye. Inspiring find!

Is the cloud the artist’s signature?

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good catch!

Franz Josef Tripp did also some work for the Hotel Filser:

Tripp is the one who done the famous illustration of “räuber hotzenplotz” (story for children – big in germany)

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The typeface of “Filser” is my grandfather’s signature who is Georg Filser and founded the hotel! Hope I could help,

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