Grain Edit is Coming to Singapore

I have an upcoming trip to Singapore. Can anyone suggest places to visit? (museums, shops, lounges, restaurants, etc.) Is the toy museum worth visiting?

Also I while I’m in Singapore I’d like to contact a few designers/design firms in regards to a studio visit we could feature on Grain Edit. Can anyone suggest any designers/design firms I should contact? If anyone wants to meet up while I’m in Singapore just send me an email the contact page.


It would be great to meet up while your in Singapore! Can you send me a ticket? :-p

I don’t know if you are for or against this kind of thing, but the Singapore Zoo is the BEST in the world. My husband and I went a few years back and there aren’t really any cages. All the non-harmful animals sort of roam free… monkeys and monitor lizards… it is amazing, and as are most things in Singapore, it is impeccably done… there is even a night zoo to view noctural animals and the place it lit like a stage play. very dramatic. I have to imagine that if any place can charge that their animals are happy living there it is this place.



OK, for local small fun boutiques, go to Bugis Junction and/or Far East PLaza. A lot of alternative shopping, some are handmade, some are locally produced, and all run and managed by young people. Mainly clothings, bags, accessories and some home items.

Orchard Road, where Far east Plaza is, is the main shopping belt. Like Chun Xi, only its 1 road instead of a square. You can get borders, kinokuniya, spotlight, etc – good for stocking up.

I like TANGS the shopping mall, its got a nice range of women’s clothings and shoes. You can take a look. They usually also have the prettiest Xmas outdoor decorations.

TAKASHIMAYA is the largest japanese mall we have. There’s kinokuniya at the 5th level too, for a good book selection. There are also other non japanese stores, and a some higher end children’s toy and stationery shops on the 5th floor too.

At the Orchard MRT station (thats the local train station) you have Popular, which is a stationery place – good to stock up on kids stationery and books.

If you want to get children’s clothings, you can try Plaza Singapura, which is on the opposite end of Orchard Road from TANGS.

For old time shopping, and lots of local, old things, try People’s Park, Outram, China Town. They’re all at the same area, and you have to walk in non air con, but it miht be worth it if you like that sort of thing.

For home decor, go to Club street/Ann Siang Hill. Fascinating row of small boutiques. These streets are across from People’s Park/China Town. There are also more home decor stores at Park Mall (near Orchard), IMM (Jurong) and some at Suntec City.


If you want Indian, go to dempsey, and try Samy’s. You’ll also find lots of other yummies, sea food, wine palors at Dempsey.

For local, cheap food, go to China Town.

For local sea food, go to East Coast. There is a hawker centre, (cheap, no waitress, self service, loads of variety) with good food, and also restaurants. Parkway PArade is in the east, near the sea, and you can get some shopping there too. Lots of mid priced, mid range local labels for clothes, shoes, chocolates, and also the UK brand Marks and Spencer.


little india
china town
the mandai zoo, and the night safari (same place, different locations for different times of the day. Google Mandai zoo)
For these, you could hop into a cab and the driver will know where to take you. Or you could ask the hotel directions on bus rides, train rides. Everyone speaks English there, so it’s very easy. Tap water is also drinkable, and comes with flouride.

Let me know if you need more.

I was in Singapore for pleasure this past July. The food is wonderful if you’re adventurous. I suggest asking the locals and searching out the authentic stuff, rather than eating the westernized fare. I also recommend Orchard Road’s Takashimaya, for both shopping and the downstairs food hall. Also check out the Night Safari if you have a chance, it’s really amazing. Chinatown is definitely worth a visit too, for souvenirs galore. If you’re into history and culture, I highly recommend the new Peranakan Museum. Boat Quay is fun to visit for the bars and nightlife, but personally, I found it to be an overpriced tourist trap. I didn’t make it to Sentosa Island, but I heard that it’s also a bit over-hyped. Unfortunately, I didn’t meet with any designers while I was there because it was purely vacation. My grandmother grew up on Emerald Hill, where the beautiful building facades have been historically preserved, so Singapore holds great interest and meaning for me. If you have any other questions let me know. Have a fabulous trip!

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Wow. Just happened to stumble upon this website and this post is the first I see!

I think there are quite a few design firms you guys can check out (if you haven’t already done so)

- phunkstudio
- asylum (
- kinetic
- H55
- Work
- Couple (
- Silnt (
- Kilo Studio (

If you guys are interested in schools, there’s a school here called Singapore Polytechnic which runs this diploma in Creative Media Design. I have a friend studying there that does really great works.

Hope the above helps!

dale – ha! sounds great! we can hit book sales together.

vintage kids: That sounds great! The night safari is on my list. I also want to goto the bird park.

Ruth: wow! Thanks so much! Thats an impressive list. This will keep me busy for a while.

Lauren: Thanks! another great list. Thanks for the tip on Peranakan Museum. I’m going to look into that.

Wei: thanks so much. I knew of a couple of the firms you listed , but the others are new to me. I’ll take a look at their work.

I am from Singapore and the few places I feel you need to go is BooksActually at Ang Siang Hill in Chinatown. The whole place is a design haven.

Haji LAne at the Arab Enclave is also good fun. Little INdia a must as its still untouched. Changi Road for the trannys, heh heh. Well, Singapore may be small but we do have plenty.
DO email me if you have any queries.

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You’re welcome! Also, if you have time visit the colonial Raffles Hotel. It’s gorgeous and rich in history. Visit the long bar for a Singapore Sling, this is where they were invented. The floors are covered in peanut shells and they have live music. It’s not cheap, but nothing in Singapore really is. Enjoy!

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I wrote a post on my blog about the other Singapore. Don’t hesitate to check out:

You’ll find lots of resources about designers and so on.
Don’t hesitate to write a message if you want we meet.
We arrived in Singapore since July, but we can give you piece of advice.

See you

Hello Dave

Greetings from Singapore…stumble-upon your site while skiving =D
I’m Fit, I’m also in the small creative pool. If you’d like, I could introduce you to a couple of my designer/artist friends & shop owners or here’s a couple of suggestions apart from the generous list from Wei Long and the peeps above.

Art Institutions :
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Lasalle College of the Arts
Temasek Polytechnic

Shopping Districts :
Haji Lane
Ann Siang Hill
Bugis Street
Far East Plaza
PageOne @ Vivo City
Peninsula Plaza – Cameras & Cheap Clothes down in the basement
Sim Lim Square – One Stop Electronics & Computers Go Nuts
Little India

Museums :
Singapore Art Museum
National Museum
Singapore Philatelic Museum
Peranakan Museum
Mint Museum
(The Art Institutions also hold events & exhibitions)

Galleries :
Objectifs – See Photos & Get your LOMO Cameras here
(i’ll holler you more, seem to be stuck now, there’s alot of places most of them in Haji Lane, Ann Siang Hill, Little India, Muhd Sultan Rd)

Bars :
Homeclub (Friday is Beat! – Indie/Rave/Alternative-Designer’s Hangout)
Butter Factory (Saturday is SWITCH)
ZOUK (Singapore’s biggest and longest thriving club from a converted warehouse)
Zirca (If you’re feeling feisty..yes, M.O.S shut down here)

Designers / Firms :
Amanda Ang
FLee Circus
Speak Cryptic
White Dog Bobby
Black Design
Social Creatives

Hope its concise enough. If you’re still feeling lost, my friends and I are more than happy to introduce you to the designers and give a tour of the city. Most of the shop owners are also artist/designers themselves especially in the arts/heritage district. Lemme know also if you want guestlist to the above bars ;) . Add me on facebook =D