Cepelia: Polish Arts and Crafts Stores

Cepelia Polish arts and crafts

Bag for Polish handicraft store Cepelia 1970s?

Breaking out that case of premium rooster loot. Found this a while back at the local dirt mall. The type is nice, but really its all about that rooster tail.  Even the rooster can’t get his eyes off it. I’d be having a how ya doing all day too if I had a tail like that.

The bag comes from Cepelia, which is a chain of stores in Poland that promotes and preserves the traditional art forms and craftmanship of the Polish peasantry. I stopped by their website and it looks like they have some really interesting stuff. Paper cut outs, ceramics, textiles etc. It’s like the OG Etsy. Cepelia has been around for over 50 years and hopefully will be around for 50 more.

Cepelia Poland folk art

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That is a real real nice cock. Good illustration.


I knew someone would step with the obligatory cock joke.

Love the colors!

hey dave, great site. one question – is it possible for you to provide larger images on your posts? it would be nice if when you click on the image rather than getting the same size image if it could be larger so we could see some of the detail. just a thought. keep up the good work!

Hey! i love it. i just happened to be looking at another Polish early graphics type website.



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