Anorak Magazine

Anorak Magazine

Fun! Prizes! Things! Anorak has to be one of the coolest kids magazines around. Aimed squarely at five to nine year-olds, Anorak is way more creative and engaging than the Highlights dentist fare I grew up with. In each issue they have original stories written and illustrated by contemporary authors, fashion and style for kids, and new children’s products. I’m definitely sold.

And some of the illustrators include Adrian Johnson, Steven Harrington, and Damien Correll among others.


Hell, I’m 37 and I want a subscription!

I bought this for the first time last month and it’s great!

Dope! Yeah, is it weird that I’m also a 30-something who wants a subscription?

clever people putting together such a fun magazine…and design savvy too.
I want to subscribe!

OK, so I literally just got back from the dentist, where I read Highlights for the first time in decades. Don’t hate! Timbertoes FTW!

But yes, Anorak looks amazing. :)

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It totally is – the coolest mag for kiddies around!

I know, I didn’t mean to totally diss Highlights. I just meant that I didn’t grow up with such a cool art/design/cool-centric magazine like Anorak.

LOL @ Timbertoes. Good call! Can’t wait to go back to the dentist now.

nice design and very cool…

that’s cool.

thanks, good design.