MINE Studio Visit

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Last week we had the chance to hang out with the crew from San Francisco design studio MINE. Under the direction of Christopher Simmons, MINE is a small and versatile design shop. We got the low-down, talked graphic design, told some jokes, and saw lots of cool work.

The office is a little nook in Bernal Heights. Very intimate, and accommodates the three designers nicely. You know you’re there when you see the funky doorbell, the Eames furniture, a bright orange bean bag chair, and the distinguishing sign on the door that reads “this is our office.”

I’m always impressed with the quantity and diversity in the projects they’re working on. They’re driven by concepts, not by a certain style. The work doesn’t look like it was “designed by MINE.” Instead, it makes sense, has personality, and definitely communicates a point of view.

Thanks again to MINE for opening up the studio, and letting us snap these photos.

Enjoy the tour!

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These guys are great. The Paradox logo is close to my all time favorites.

Cool stuff!
The video on their website is cool too. The music reminds me of James Bond or something…

Hey, I think I know the new guy. He’s good.

What a great space! Not to mention, awesome design!

Grace |

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An incredibly handsome studio.

Emily Nora Craig |

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Oh my, I have to know more about the calendar featured in your photos of the office space. Did Mine design it?

Thank you for pointing that out Emily. You’re right, by far one of the most handsome studios around.

Ethan |

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The calendar was designed by our good friends at Adams Morioka, the second-most handsome design studio in America. It’s a promotion for Mohawk paper, which just happens to be our favorite paper mill.

Absolutely one of my favourite studios around. I have such a design-crush on almost everything they do – makes me feel like a 12 year old girl (kinda creepy when Im a 27 year old guy)

Ryan |

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I remember it! The bean bag! The comping room! The canning machine! It all comes rushing back…

Oona Effie |

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Who do I have to know to get a tour??????

tony |

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