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My wife and I just started watching Mad Men and I  think we’re hooked. Every Sunday night we run upstairs to catch all the dirt going down with the Drapers and the rest of the lot. Not to mention, drool over all the cool furniture! That house in Palm Springs in tonight’s episode had some amazing mid century modern pieces including George Nelson cigar bubble lamps and an Eero Saarinen womb chair. Besides the furniture, I love looking at the type they use on the sets. Mark Simonson has a great post on his blog regarding the type choices for the show.

What did you guys think of last night’s episode? What do you think is going to happen with Don and the Jet Setters?

Lastly, If your into Mad Men, I highly recommend Yasuzo Masumura’s 1958 film Giants and Toys (Kyojin to Gangu). Great Japanese flick about the advertising division of a caramel company and their latest campaign using a crazy girl with rotted out teeth.


Giants and Toys, 1958 -  image via Cinema Talk

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i do find it pretty amazing that so many sussed (clued up) illustrators and graphic designers have such great taste in design etc, but dress like tramps (bums/punks).

why not take those same styling cues through to your/their dress sense, as seen above.

the cut of a sharp well tailored bespoke suit is just as aesthetically pleasing as a charles and ray eames chair or charley harper illustration ……….. nothing retro or “old skool” about either just timeless cool.

i know this isn’t the place for a discussion on sartorial choices …….. but …….. it needed saying.

I think Don is finally getting what he’s always wanted … to hop in a car and escape. I wonder if it’ll prove to be everything he’s hoped it would be. We’ll find out. I love the show, and all I can say is that he’s a TOTALLY jerk to pretty much everyone. Never have I seen a more hedonistic person.

I am addicted to this show. Seriously. And as much as I loved Mark Simonson’s lesson in 60′s style & typography, I feel he got too nit-picky with some of his comments, like the yellowing plastic typewriter guard. You have to look at the big picture, and let the little things go. The big picture is gorgeous!

Don’t give anything away – we haven’t got the second series yet here in the UK!!!

I’ve been watching the show since week one!

Don is my hero, to walk away from a life and build a new one? Now he’s contemplating doing it again… My guess is that Don will visit his brother, have some fun with the setters then return to Sterling Cooper a new man.

What about Duck’s moves Eh?

the title sequences on this show are great as well…

Steve: Yea I agree. The suits are classy and there can be a lack of that in design studios today. However, I say this while sitting in my chair wearing my morning shorts and a t-shirt. I work from home, so most of the time I dress like a bum, but atleast it’s comfortable.

Judith: Can you get episodes online?

Mike:you mentioned that Don might be walking away again. Did something like this happen in the first season? ( I haven’t seen the first season yet.. need to get caught up)

Love the show. Been hooked since the beginning. It’s is the most lush and well-art directed show on TV as far as I’m concerned. The shot in last week’s episode of the sun hitting Don’s face (on the jet) as The Tornado’s “Telstar” played out was sooo well done.

(slight spoiler alert below…sorry UK friends)

I’m almost glad that Don is back to his usual selfish, morally gray self. There were a few episodes recently where he actually seemed guilty or cared about another human being. Boo! We want The Cad.

And I believe it’s all going to blow up in Duck’s face.

Hi Mike,
Thanks for the link. Looks like Jeremy worked on the Paul rand retrospective as well.

Yeah… he’s been involved on some great projects. Another nyc bike dude…

I love how the stories in this show just lazily unravel themselves at their own pace, it really gives you time to get soaked into the atmosphere and, yes, great decor!
And Steve, I have to agree with you. For the most part only because I think it would look cool. But I get enough comments when I go to college “dressed up” in my argyle sweater, dress pants and (god forbid) simple black tie.

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I don’t own a TV… but it sounds cool and looking at those suits makes me want to go out and get one! I don’t know how often I’d be able to wear something so clean and sharp like that though… lol The ladies look sharp in their dresses too.

I have no idea how to access TV stuff online… is it possible to view it online?

Didn’t even occur to me to look for the episodes online – I will be tonight though!

Like Judith, I am also a UK resident, I expect the second season will air over here sometime in the New Year.

I found the first series to be a strange mix of the utterly tedious, yet totally compelling.
I was bored for most of the first half of the series and found all the characters completely unlikable, yet I couldn’t stop watching.
One of the most subtly written shows in recent history; it very successfully pulled off the illusion of nothing happening, when in fact EVERYTHING was happening.
And just so beautiful to look at.

I also heartily concur with your “Giants & Toys” recommendation; a marvelous movie!

Steve: After watching to Sir with love for the first time I became determined to wear a suit every day at home. Well after about a week I gave up. I figured I looked pretty silly. I even went so far as to wear an ascot with no one to even see that I had taken Sir’s advice and cleaned up my act. So in the end I hung up the yacht club suit for my trusty cardigan sweater and deck shoes. I guess I could wear a suit to the post office.

Will, Thanks for sending that my way. Really nice illustrations! Also congrats on your feature in the fashion section of The Observer.

We’ve been hooked since the opening sequence of episode #1. Makes me wish I liked to drink (I love Scotch) and still smoked and ran around with lots of hot dishes. Although I couldn’t take the Madison Ave. or even East Coast lifestyle.

matte, steve here (name change) not saying that folks should be sat at home in a three piece, but make a stab at an effort at meetings and such, like a lot of illustrators i work from home and sit about all day in me jim jams (pyjamas) or similar.
……. hand, bespoke tailoring is where it’s at daddio lucky enough to have a good tailors virtually on me doorstep, trouble is it’s a highly adictive game.

The last third of that piece made me want to slap the author, Mark Simonson on the back of the head so he could some much needed perspective. How very sad that you sit around tearing apart the props on a television show because they show signs of age. It turned from a very interesting article into a pathetic cry for attention. I would dread spending five minutes in a room with someone so pathetically tedious.

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