The Raymond Savignac Olivetti Print giveaway, again!

Raymond savignac olivetti print

Last December we gave away a Raymond Savignac poster. Since then we’ve received emails from people interested in the poster, so we decided to give one more away.

poster details: This is not an original, but rather a reissue of the original poster Savignac created for Olivetti in 1953. We received this copy directly from the Olivetti Society in Italy.

Sounds great, but how do I enter to win?

1. Leave a message in the comments section of the post. (Maybe say hello or tell us why you’d like the poster, just keep it short)

2. Subscribe to our free RSS or Email updates (seen in the upper right corner of the website). If you already subscribe, you’re all set, no need to subscribe again.

On Sept 1st, we will randomly select one name from a trash can.

We will announce the winner on Sept 1st in the GRAIN EDIT RSS FEED + EMAIL UPDATES. We will not be announcing the winner on the website, so you need to subscribe to either the RSS or Email updates to know if you won or not.

so go for it! enter now.

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Yo! I just hopped feet first in to the freelancing world, and the walls in my new studio space are way too blank.

My work is awful and I need good inspiration. That’s why I’ve been coming to Grain Edit for the past 2 or 3 months. :) Appreciate the great site.

I’m a new reader to GrainEdit, but I’m already in love with all of the beautiful prints and books that you feature. This one is no exception, and my new apartment would look oh so much better with this one the walls.

Give it to me!

I love the work of Savignac. I have been looking for a reprint of a Vespa advertising poster that he made for a long time. But his Olivetti work is also impressive.

Love you feed – it always adds something good to my day

HEY! Ive just moved out of university accommodation and am now renting a place with a few friends. We would all really appreciate a nice poster to spice up the bare walls.

Max Wagner |

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I need this poster.

i would like to get the poster because it would help my half-italian personality stay tough. many thanks for your work.

Gimme gimme gimme …

I’d really like to win that poster! I’m moving soon, and my new house could use some new things on the wall..Everything about that poster is cool!

I love the retro feel of the print. It would blend in nicely with some posters I have up right now and my calendar has that same feel to it also. This is great. Please enter me in the drawing.

Elizabeth M. |

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this poster would make my colleague jealous
and me pretty happy

HI There,
I stumbled upon your site via design sponge and LOVE this poster. Please can i have it??? I am way over in south africa, so never seems to qualify for giveaways. :(

this will fit perfectly in my living room.

Hi there!, this poster is lovely :)

Hello Grain Edit! My walls need some posterfication badly!

Hello! What a lovely giveaway!

If I get this poster, I’ll send a thank you letter to grainedit written on a typewriter :)

Hi! I’m an italian student of graphic design, I’ve worked with my classmates in a project at the Olivetti Archive (Ivrea) this year. It was something unique and each time I enetered in the Archive I was passing near of this poster (but the original one!). I love Savignac and your idea is a sort of coincidence for me, I adore Adriano Olivetti’s philosophy and I’d like to have this poster has a souvenir! :)

oou it will fit to mine room perfect!

i am old reader of

Luna Zamokaite |

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I love you site.
Long-time reader, first-time commenter.
Awesome poster too!!!

This poster will complete my room! :)

Kylie Thompson |

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love this! it would be perfect on any wall.
great site!

I’m nearing the end of my Graphic Design education, and I could really use some artwork in my home office I’m setting up. Plus, who wouldn’t want a nice piece of classic design work as inspiration to make great design?

Hello! I learned to type on an Olivetti, well before personal computers. I hope that counts for something. :) I love the site, keep up the good work!

Hi – that poster is soo cool !!
Ive have found so many awesome artisits that were previously unknown to me thanks to grain edit

Winning this poster would mean the world to me!!

best regards to everyone at grain edit -you rock!!

Chris Emerson |

Contests and giveaways |

Howdy – Love the posts. Let random rule!

I wear typography all the time, but this guy has me beat!

what a rare find…

The poster would look perfect hanging above my never-had-a-key-struck-since-it-was-taken-out-of-the-box Linea 89 that sits in a place of honor in my den. And my design students (Chicago Portfolio School) would benefit from being near the work of one of the masters (even if it is a reproduction.)

for a long time I’ve been losing in life, maybe this is the turning point.

Hey! This would look bangin’ in my kitchen.

Ge mig! Ge mig! Ge mig! I love it!

I am a huge fan of Grain Edit, and a writer with empty walls begging for a happy typewriter poster! Thanks for the giveaway. Keep up all the great work!

Suzanne York |

Contests and giveaways |

Well hell, sign me up.


Nicola Morgan |

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Yes please, it’s beautiful!

Grandpa-George is always trying to stimulate his students and interns. Having something so brilliant in front of them might, just might take their attention away from Facebook.

me want

my cat would really appreciate looking at this all day. she’s a huge fan of Grain Edit and typewriters.

I would love to have this poster because I would place it so that I see it every single day, and it would remind me to 1) greatness is out there, go find it; 2) pack a smile, and 3) remember my hat.

I’m pretty sure I’ve got the perfectly sized slab of wall for that poster here by my desk – It’d nicely cover the rather unsightly list of things to do.

Many thanks for the great site.

Alexander Parker |

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grain edit ROCKS! longtime reader. love your posts. love the poster.

longtime reader who loves grainedit needs new look for office wall…

Thanks for the great blog. I stop here each morning for inspiration.

Simply wonderful. I’d love to have it on my walls!

I got dem tall ceilins. Need’a fill’em walls

Yay! Read this via the RSS feed!

hello. love this print.

I need something awesome like this on my wall! My walls are bare and I’ve been looking for great graphic designs to hang/tape up

poster plaes

I would love this poster! Besides it being super lovely it would fill up that empty space right above my desk at the office. =)

As a design student, it would be great to have inspiring work like that on my bare walls!

Stephen Kissel |

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……………………………………Q W E R T Y U I O P =…………………………………..
…………………………………..A S D F G H J K L M % …………………………………..
…………………………………. Z X C V B N ? . / !……………………………………..

Great site — keep it up!

you like the same things that I do.

i’d love this poster. definitely need some design inspiration posted around my desk at home.

New to you. Lovely site! Toes are crossed that the poster will become new to me…

Save the papers from the trashcan! You can go green by not printing my name and just picking it off the screen. This will reduce your carbon footprint and save some non-FSC copy paper. The person in the poster is actually smiling because he/she is about to throw out their type writer and buy a computer—transforming all those papers to digital files. (you can’t ignore the green background, who knew at the time this was such a forward thinking poster)

I need something besides action figures and pictures of my daughter to brighten up my gray cubicle in my gray office in the gray building where I make (often gray) websites for educational programs. Thanks! I really enjoy the blog, too!


When you put names/comments in the trash can, put extra of mine.
As to insure my possession.
Thank you


I too am split in two by type. I need this poster.

Poster looks great, but even better on my wall =D

hey that would be great if you could give me that sweet poster! thanks.

i read grain edit every day and i want that damn poster.

Now that I’m self-employed and working from home… I’m thinking the sight of this perky Olivetti girl might be just what I need to keep me working. I’ll place her right next to my enormous “to do” board- and above my stinky Labrador “office mate”.

this looks like my wife

Great giveaway and great site!

pick me! I have a spot for it right here….

Remodeling the house, this would be great! Thanks for a great blog.

…because design isn’t what it used to be.

The coolest blog. The coolest give aways. Love to have this Savignac piece!

Lovely poster!

Beautiful poster! Do you know the dimensions?
I’m subscribed in Google Reader, so I think I’m set.. Hopefully.

I will not eat until I have this poster.

Your call.

Nudeswing Mime |

Contests and giveaways |

my living room would love this poster!

I’m a student and too poor to invest in art but really, really want to!

add my name pretty please! this would look nice next to my purple platypus poster

Hi grain edit! What a great poster.

heh heh *_^


I’m laughing all the way to the poster bank!

Beautiful poster! Great blog!

I finally caved and subscribed to a blog after years of resisting. I feel this could be a slippery slope… Love the site and the print!

I used to babysit for a couple that road their bikes from South Africa to Kenya, my other favorite fact about them…

James brought a typewriter on their first date…and they were on bicycles! They had picnic and he type her love notes. No texting! Analog!

I too would love to call that poster my own…

I’m a playwright and I work on an Olivetti Lettera (a 32 not the 22). Beautiful print, great typewriter. Cormac McCarthy writes his novels on the 22…maybe send one to him?

i want it because i need it and i need it because i want it. very necessary.

Typewriters kick-ass, and we could use the wall update ;)

My walls are hungry and I can’t grow any posters until I have a good supply of inspiration. If I win this Raymond Savignac poster, I could begin inspiring my own posters for my wall to gobble up. YUM yum yummm!


olivetti has always held a special place in my heart. what a lovely giveaway idea!

i need this poster!
i need it for inspiration when i sit right down and type myself a letter.
oh so sweet!

please enter me too. you have great taste, like your blog.

im a grain edit fan from tijuana mexico and i will be very happy to see this poster on my wall, dont worry for the shipping i have a san diego, ca address :)
i am already a rss suscriber :)

RRRrrrrrgh I’m so jealous – the green will match the colour of my monster eyes.

I got’s to have it….

Woooohoooo! I love fun & well-designed posters!

this is a stunning print. cheers. love your blog.

i HAVE TO HAVE this print!!!!!!!!!!
my inspiration board lacks inspiring work..



I look like that on a daily basis!

Cheerful with words on my mind, ready to type and go!


I am a typewriter. I need this print because I’m lonely & it will remind me of my family back home in Olivettiland.

I am counting on you to do the right thing.

Also, I like scribbly people in feathered caps. A lot.

I like the green.

Must. Have. Now. Please. :)
I’m a professor, and I always need great examples for the kiddies.
Thanks for your marvelous site.

Lindsay Hadley |

Contests and giveaways |

I get the feed but am commenting anyway. I like Olivetti and Savignac and it would look great next to the Olivetti pen tub I’ve got ;)

Love your site, love the print.

It would look swell above my desk :-D

Keith Shiley |

Contests and giveaways |

I’m always hungry for good design.

getting this poster would make me the happiest girl in the world.

I just graduated w/a degree in Graphic Design, I think this would be a grrrreat grad. gift seeing as how I didn’t receive one. :( not even from my parents :(
Yay posters though!!! :D

As I lost most of my design posters (v23 prints, V. Oliver show posters, Aesthetic Apparatus prints) in a recent move, I’d love to renew my collection with this lovely print. Pick me! Pick me!

I need it to fill my barren white walls. Much like many others, I too recently moved.

what? what!

I would love the poster! This is by far one of my favorite blogs, and it would be a treat to win.

Hello, I’m from Germany which is near Italy and France, where this poster is coming from. I’m born 1968 which is close to 1953. I’m a typographer and female. I LOVE this poster and your blog!!!
Grüße aus Düsseldorf!

My freshly painted white walls are yearning to be adorned with such beauty.

– and keep up the awesome work grain edit!

Found your site when I was looking for a place to get that Buck65 poster. Great site!

Hi, I’m a recent recruit to your site, a nice chunk of inspiration every morning on the way into work.

That poster would really look great on my rather drab appartment wall.

Cheers for the great site, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed (while tapping the refresh button on my iPhone rss reader)

mike bithell |

Contests and giveaways |

I love his work and would love to get inspiration from it in my bare studio space.

this would perfectly match my sneakers!

Pretty please. With a cherry and a feather on top.

It reminds me of a good old pair of undies, I miss them…..

I enjoy your interviews, do more interviews.

Love 50s graphics. You can’t beat it! Love the poster!

Dear Grain Edit,

I would like this poster. I love Olivetti design and typewriters and Italy (minus the men with their chest hair sticking out of their shirts…).


Doug Wilson

What a cool poster! The green perfectly matches my eyes… Unless my monitor colors are off.

I enjoy your feed. Great stuff!

really enjoy the feed!
Hope you ship to australia!

Wow! I would love to have this hanging on the wall of my studio!

Love, love, love the poster!

Nan McCauley |

Contests and giveaways |

Love your site and the work of Savignac!


William Lawrence Carra |

Contests and giveaways |

Would love to care for such a beautiful treasure. :^)

mid-century mod
a universal language
sets my soul ablaze

Just discovered this site a few weeks ago and I am ablaze ( is that a word?). So much cool design and I thought I was geeky for collecting photography adverts from the 1880′s to the 1970′s. Wow!!!!

I love the feathers
I need to have this poster
from France

Love the mix of photography and illustration reminds me of some old children’s TV or a Disney film. About as much chance of winning this as I am of winning the Lotto :)

basically i just want to make all my friends jealous with an amazing print they can only dream of !

I love this poster; it fits with the antique typewriter I have in my office.
Great Web site!

that’s what i like to see … classic tools of the trade paired up with some classic illustration.

if only I could be half as good as he was… anyway, poster or not I just love your site! keep up with the good work, thanks a lot.

I’m a sucker for good design from the 40s to the 70s. Thanks for all the great posts on the site. Now you can send the poster to…

P I C K M E !

Whatever you do, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT give me this awful. out-of-date. luddite poster, as I do not want it what so ever.

(The power of reverse psychology.)

Me!!! :)

I love illustration, I love collecting old designs. This print is perfect for me.

loving this!!!!

I’m an aspiring graphic designer that has a perfect spot for that poster in my home office!

My fortune cookie that came with my Kung Pao Chicken today read: “Accept the next proposition you receive.” (We will see)

materialism makes the world go round…. and around…. and around

I just came across your blog today and was very impressed. I just added you to my google homepage. It’d be nice to read that I won a poster there in a few days. :)

Have been on the RSS for Grain Edit for several months. I love the eye candy photos that I enjoy so often. And, it was really cool to have seen one of your photos in person at a rummage sale. (It was the one related to geography of Canada from the 1940s-1960s.)

The poster is attractive for its green colour. I also liked the metal clips used to keep the poster flat against the wall.

New apartment needs new art.

This woman’s wonderful smile is exactly what I need to greet me each morning to make sure that I continue to help create a better world and more happy people through good design.

the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog – that’s why.

type, type, type,- until
foliage makes mud into
comfort’s skeleton

Great palette and typewriters always rock.

Great site! I’m really getting into poster design and found your page through details of the 1972 olympics poster exhibition.

And, I’ve just repainted our main bedroom and that poster would go perfectly!

I’m a new reader to GrainEdit, but I’m already in love with all of the beautiful prints and books that you feature. This one is no exception, and my new apartment would look oh so much better with this one the walls.


Contests and giveaways |

whooo hooo , I love it love it love it, please give it to me, and I dig your site xxx

this poster is lush

I was directed here from soul-sides a few months back and have been subscribing ever since. This sure would look nice in my apt…

This poster is gorgeous, what a good idea to give it away.
Even if i do not win, i greet you !

I am currently in dissertation hell, but as every cloud allegedly has a silver lining, I’m just hoping my silver lining takes the form of something as lovely as this poster.

im an editor and writer and love to work on old typewriters–Olivetti, Remington, Corona!! read the blog every day and am inspired by the collection of vintage illustration, typography, and design!

this poster would like quite awesome above my bed. not in a weird way. (ps. thanks – this website is always worthwhile and very cool!)

A billboard has been erected on my building, hence covering 2/3rds of my window, leaving my office looking like a bat cave. Please please put some light in my life by sending me this poster. :)

Geez Louise, put me in the can. I would love to win that.

Grain Edit 4 Life.

I’d love to win it. I just moved into my girlfriends and I need something of mine to go on the walls!

I realized looking at this poster that I have never known why typewriter ribbon occasionally came in black/red stripes, even though as a kid I always got a kick out of typing in red when I goofed off on my dad’s IBM. Wikipedia sez: “Some ribbons were inked in black and red stripes, each being half the width and the entire length of the ribbon. A lever on most machines allowed switching between colors, which was useful for bookkeeping entries where negative amounts had to be in red.”

My God, accounting on a typewriter! :o p

I don’t even use a calculator to do sums anymore. I use a spreadsheet.


This is my first time on your website. I am so inspired by all the great design. I hope to win! Thanks for all your work.

Hi. I would like to have an emotional story to pull at the heart strings but nothing doing. I like this site and I like free posters, especially when they are nice like this one. Thnx.

hell yeah i want that savignac on my wall. it will go beautifully with my savignac fridge ad tote bag.

love the poster. defn would brighten up my dull studio.

Savignac And Olivetti – wow would love that! Just discovered you – what a great site. Of course I subscribed. . .

My life is empty, plain, boring…fulfillment will only come through a beautiful Olivetti print. I’m sure of it. However, thanks for the stop-gap measure towards fulfillment with your inspiring site!

I live next door to you so no need for shipping costs!

I like it more every time I see it. Thnx for the chance!

Raymond Savignac is my father who left me when I was 6, he left us with nothing and I think he owes me at least this very small token of his love. I think his name was Raymond – it doesn’t matter – I deserve it!