Sebastião Rodrigues: Graphic designer

sebastiao rodrigues book cover design

Beautiful work by Portuguese designer Sebastio Rodrigues (1929- 1997)

You can see a video of Sebastiao in action here.


above: Ciências da Natureza book cover (1972), Almanaque magazine august 1960, material for the Secretariado Nacional da Informação – Portugal

Beautiful work by Portuguese designer Sebastio Rodrigues (1929- 1997)

You can see a video of Sebastiao in action here.

I’d love to know more about Sebastiao Rodrigues, so if you have any info please let me know in the comments.

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Maria Keil : Infante Santo mural

(via nitro design, tipografico)

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Sebastião Rodrigues was the very first Portuguese Graphic designer.

There is not much information about him on the internet, and the few that exists is in portuguese… The best best source of information is an Exposition catalog at de Gulbenkian foundation. I went to their site and it seems that they don’t sell it anymore… anyway, I have it at home and as soon as I can, I will give you some more info.

Thanks so much Diogo! Are you located in Portugal?

Gorgeous. I love everything about them, most especially the colors.

Yes, I’m from Portugal. I wrote to Gulbenkian to ask if they are planning to scan the book and put it on the internet (they’ve done it with other publications). If not… maybe I can do it when I have some spare time.


I have that book scanned… well, sort of.
It’s not all but maybe some 100 pages scans. Only pics of his work and not text. The only problem it’s that the .rar files are very big. But, anyway… I could try to send it 2 u. Interested? :)

Alex |

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Hey, am looking for the book also for so long, and i can´t find it!!
Would you send it to me too?this would be really really fantastic!

lena |

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Hi, i’m doing a work for graphic design about Sebastiao Rodrigues but i went to the library and they don’t let me take the book home to scan it… So, if you can send me the pages that you have scanned it would be a great help since i can’t find many works of him in the internet.

Sandro |

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there is plenty to be found about this generation of designers in Portugal in the magazine “Panorama”, published by Secretariado Nacional da Informação (S.N.I. from the forties until the seventies. You will find Panorama covers on portuguese blogs, namely this one:
Check my blog to find out about designer Manuel Rodrigues, a close collaborator of Sebastião Rodrigues.
best regards,

Vera |

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“Graphic design in Portugal has no major reference than Sebastião Rodrigues (1929-1997), a graphic artist (the name that before the professionals of graphic communication were called). After forty years of work as a graphic artist, Rodrigues was internationally distinguished in 1991 by ICOGRADA’s “Excellence Award” in consideration of his remarkable work for Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation – he created the corporate identity of this institution – still in use today. His legacy still lives and the book about his work (Sebastião Rodrigues – Designer, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon) its a “must” in every portuguese designer bookshelf.
The first generation of portuguese graphic artists started with the knowledge of traditional arts and crafts: backgrounds from painting, sculpture or architecture allowed this pioneers to develop an important amount of high-quality works. Authors like Victor Palla, Abel Manta, Thomaz de Mello, Fernando de Azevedo, Lima de Freitas and Octávio Clérigo were very influencial with their high-quality work and opened new roads for the future generations. For decades they became the front line of a brand new activity in this old country.”

from the article “Design Colonizers” writen by the portuguese designer Emanuel Barbosa: Identity Magazine, Issue 11, Summer 2007, Art Graphics, Moscow

“Design Colonizers” – The Portuguese, pioneers of the Great geographical discoveries, sailors and colonialists, having had their historical roots as a poly-cultural nation, to this day continue to “digest” other cultures. Fruity and live projects from Firegirl, Fluordesign, MyBrand, ShiftDesign, João Machado, burokratik, Francisco Providencia and Vestigio represent design as large as life.

I HAD this poster when I was growing up. It was framed and I should never EVER have let it go! *sigh*

Shawn Riney |

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I’m doing a design work about Sebastião Rodrigues, and i’m wondering if you could send me that Catalog.
I’m from Portga l, and it look stupid, but I cant find anything with quality, especially pictures of his work.
Can you help me please?

Nicole |

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Hi Nicole,
Unfortunately, I never received a catalog. I found all the images on the web.