Rad Mountain Studio Visit

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I was in New York a few weeks back and had a chance to stop by the studio of design champ collective Rad Mountain. Rad Mountain is the Brooklyn based collaboration of Damien Correll, Justin Fines, Wyeth Hansen, Garrett Morin, and Ryan Waller. You’ve seen their work in/for Good Magazine, Swindle, Nike, Urban Outfitters, MTV, and the AIGA to name a few. Overall, their work feels very hand-crafted, with lots of illustration and hand-drawn type. They really stand out due to their super attention to detail, which gives the work real personality and makes it so much more interesting.

The studio space is split in two; half design office, half screenprinting studio. It’s open and airy, and complements the Rad Mountain hands-on aesthetic really well. Highlights of the visit included seeing some new prints from Justin and Wyeth, and being introduced to Rambo, the design super cat.

Thanks again to the Rad Mountain crew for opening up their studio, and letting me snap some photos.

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Awesome! I’ve always wanted to know more about their studio — even cooler than I thought.

that is something else! a dreamer’s dream to create in a space like that!

Thanks for dropping by, Ethan. Don’t know why the skate ramp, drum set, ball pit, shark tank, and cotton candy machine didn’t make it in, but otherwise pretty spot on. Cheers!

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Is that a star trek model hiding underneath the giant letters that spell “uh” ?

Yes, I stole that model from a box of Ryan’s junk

If I lived in the US I’d beg you all to find space for me on the ‘Mountain… any state would do.