Amanda visell art prints, sculptures and vinyl toys

amanda visell art prints and vinyl toys

Giant metal robots feeding toasts to kids, double decker bus eating elephants, pooping unicorns eating ice cream, and this is just for starters! These are just a few of the paintings you’ll see at Amanda Visell’s website. Some of which have come to life in the form of limited edition wood / resign figures and sculptures.

Swindle magazine has a nice interview with her where she shares her appreciation for vintage Walt Disney concept art and her beginnings as an artist.

(via dinosaurs and robots)

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Now see? This is the kind of art my own child would flip about being as he is so much into robots now. I love the look of it. Thanks for posting Dave.

I think every kid would want to have a robot that makes them toast. I want a robot that looks like a giant papaya. Theres something cool about giant robot papaya.

Really am enjoying the robot works-across the board appeal -would love to include Amanda visell prints in our Gallery13 Minneapolis