1950s Eichler modern homes brochure

Eichler Homes brochure
Brochure for the Rancho San Miguel (Walnut Creek,CA) Eichler development c1950s

In honor of the upcoming Birth of Cool: Mid-Century Modern design in California exhibition, I thought it would be nice to post this Eichler brochure. I found the brochure several years ago at an estate sale in Lafayette, California. I love the photo. Most likely the photographer is Ernest (Ernie) Braun.

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that is an E. Braun photo. fabulous brochure. I have a brochure for the Eichler Development in Marinwood / Lower Lucas Valley however its not nearly as ‘flashy’ as this Walnut Creek piece.

Great find and thanks for sharing with fellow modernist fans.

Hi! Thanks for posting the brochure. I was wondering if you had the full brochure scanned? We are buying a house in Rancho San Miguel that is an Eichler home. I am curious to see how it looked in the brochure. I hope you can share the images.

Does the brochure include floor plans? Would you mind sharing those with me? That’d be great. Many thanks in advance!