Only 12 people like Paul Rand ?

Paul rand modern design flickr group

We just started a Paul Rand fan group on Flickr. As of this writing we only have 12 members. Surely there are more then 12 people who appreciate one of the greatest graphic designers of all time! Its good wholesome fun! Bring your whole family. Show all the little ones why Mommy keeps stealing their copy of Sparkle and Spin.

Join now.. Paul needs you and our little egos need affirmation that people like our Flickr groups.

Click here and let the nerdery begin

(Thanks go to Bureau L’Imprimante for the pic)

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I always thought Flickr groups were more for participating, not appreciating. So as much as I love Mr. Rand (which is lots, like I love Grain Edit), I don’t really have any of his work to post on Flickr. Such a conundrum.

Paul Rand is the master. I’m there!

Oh no — I love Paul Rand — I just think flickr is stupid

Hmm I’ve always thought of Flickr just as much a virtual museum as collaborative archive