Argentina 78′ FIFA World cup poster


The 1978 World Cup was held in Argentina between June 1 and June 25. Argentina would go on to beat the Netherlands 3-1. The men in this poster seem to be celebrating victory, but this seemingly innocent poster has a very dark story to tell.

Argentina had suffered a military coup only two years before the cup and was in the middle of a dirty war against left wing sympathizers. Up to 30,000 people “disappeared” during this time. These events coincided with a campaign of political repression involving dictators from other South American countries dubbed “operation condor“. Thousands of people were tortured and many lost their lives.

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Actually, it wasnt random innocent people that were killed, if you didnt do anything weird you were safe. At that time there were terrorists, called Montoneros, who were college students that would make friends with the kids of the generals and other military officials and then plant bombs in their homes and kill them. They also blew up busses, buildings, etc., it doesnt get any more dirty than that. The militarry had to step in to keep peace. Just wanted to clarify a bit.

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