Giant albino bird gets stuck on the Toronto Needle

Sticker for Bundesgartenschau Stuttgart – 1961

The post earlier today was inspired by a sticker (seen above) I found over the weekend. I wasn’t sure what to make of this sticker when I first saw it. It looks like a giant albino bird sitting on top of the Toronto Needle. After researching the event (Bundesgartenschau) I now believe its an illustration of a weathervane. Since Bundesgartenschau is a garden/ landscaping show it would make sense that the bird’s tail feathers are flowers.

Visit the previous post (Get your Bundesgartenschau on!) for more information regarding this garden show and the graphics behind it.

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Great Plakat specimen, Dave! Christian Schwartz has revived a version of the typeface for Wallpaper magazine.

BTW, Some folks may not be able to get to the required comment fields in the right column because some of the sidebar content is overlapping them. Have a check.

Hey Stephen,
Thanks for the heads up on the comment fields. I’m trying to fix it.
Also thanks for the link to Christian Schwartz design for Wallpaper. I love that typeface. When did he did design it?

He designed it over the last year, I believe. Details should be up at his site soon.

Hmm, it looks like I misplaced my comment under the wrong story. Sorry about that!