Ryohei Yanagihara Mastercard ad ?

I was flipping through the latest (and last) issue of Business 2.0 and I noticed this add for Mastercard. The illustration of the man in the background holding the box looks very samiliar to the work of Ryohei Yanagihara. If anyone knows who created this ad, please contact us. In the meantime check out a small gallery of Ryohei Yanagihara’s works.

Ryohei is an illustrator and animator who along with Yoji Kuri and Hiroshi Manabe is considered a pioneer of the independent animation scene in Japan.

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love this

If anyone knows who created this ad, please contact us.

it could be adrian johnson!

greets, joe

Hey Joe,
Thanks for the link. I think your right. It must be Adrian Johnson.
I’ve never seen his work before. I’m really impressed.

hi dave,

you are welcome! by the way: great blog which you create, dave!
its up to me to say thank you for the inspirations you given me!
“otl aicher, paul ran, saul bass, bruno munari” … if i see all
this stuff of this guys, i´m simply speechless again and again!
then, i could read, dave, that we share the same passion:
vintage-child-books. beautiful!

furthermore, i was also impressed to see that adrian meanwhile work for dhl aswell. adrain if you read this ;-) … let me tell you – as an illustrator-colleague,
you have all my respect, such great illustrations!

nice greets from germany to california,


Hey There,
Yep, that’s me ok… The MasterCard campaign wasn’t one of my finer moments- very heavily art directed, but happy you guys like it. There is an animated commercial for the campaign on my website.
I stumbled across Ryohei Yanagihara’s work a year or two ago… truly beautiful work. I can see why folk would see similarities!

Great site! Only found you this morning, and what with it being Monday and all, finding you is a great way to start the week.


Hey Adrian,
Thanks for stopping by.

Since this ad was posted, I’ve visited your site. I really like your work.