Isle of This Town by Invisible Creature

Isle of This Town by Invisible Creature. Meas. 17″ x 17″

There is so much to enjoy in this week’s poster pick by Invisible Creature.  Everywhere your eyes go there is something to delight in. I want to live in this poster and I honestly can’t decide which element is my favorite.  The color scheme is perfect and really lets your imagination soar. There is a lot to be said for work like this that inspires you and takes you away to another world.  You can buy it here.

This Week’s Poster Pick

Dirk Fowler / F2 Design

This Week’s Poster Pick is The Books/ Boston, MA poster designed by Dirk Fowler.

You can pick up a print at the Poster Cabaret.


Jay Ryan

jay ryan

Andrew Bird @9:30 Club poster – Designed and Illustrated by Jay Ryan

The work of Jay Ryan was one of my first introductions to graphic design and gig posters — way back in the olden days. I spent many quality hours checking out his website and taking in his work at Flatstock. Screenprinted squirrels, eccentric characters, and hand lettered typography? It’s so interesting that these diverse objects can come together and say something so compelling about a band like Shellac, or Built to Spill, or Sebadoh.

Jay Ryan is this week’s poster pick — and you can purchase his work through Poster Cabaret.


The Swell Season Concert Poster by Doublenaut

The Swell Season
The Swell Season Concert Poster by Doublenaut

This week’s poster pick was made possible by the creative minds that make up Doublenaut. Doublenaut is stationed in Toronto, Canada and is made up of brothers Andrew and Matt McCracken.


Monsters of Folk Poster

monsters of folk
Monsters of Folk Concert Poster by Jason Munn of The Small Stakes

The poster pick for this week features this Monsters of Folk Concert Poster designed by Jason Munn of The Small Stakes. This is a nice example of the impressive and sophisticated work that The Small Stakes churns out. Note the harmony in the composition and see if you can spot any patterns in this poster. This is smart design.

This poster is available for purchase here.

Sasquatch Music Festival Posters by Invisible Creature

sasquatch music festival

Sasquatch Music Festival Poster (Bubbles) – Designed by Invisible Creature

This week our poster pick(s) are a series of posters designed by Invisible Creature for the Sasquatch Music Festival.  The series presents a  host of  characters that we’re certain you’ll enjoy.  A limited color palette was employed throughout this series that is filled with whimsy and sure to please. I am especially fond of Sigmund and Blanche. If I had enough wall space they could all live with me.

The entire series is available at the Poster Cabaret.


‘Cutie Bear’ by Delicious Design League

delicious design league
Cutie Bear by Delicious Design League. 18″ x 24″

The best part about bringing you the poster pick series is reading your responses to our selections. This week can’t disappoint because it is virtually impossible to see the work of the designers at Delicious Design League and not be smitten.

Delicious Design League is based in Chicago and commandeered by Billy Baumann and Jason Teegarden-Downs. The firm focuses on designing for the music industry but leaves room for all things design. ‘Cutie Bear’ feels right at home here at Grain Edit. Clean lines and smart color combos never go out of style. The trick is to make it look effortless, but it’s obvious a great deal of thought goes into something so, well, cute.

Cutie Bear is available for purchase here.


Andrew Bird Poster by Methane Studios

andrew bird poster
Andrew Bird Poster by Methane Studios. 18″ x 24″

There is so much to love and appreciate about this week’s poster pick by Methane Studios. Let me begin by pointing out the color combinations which I happen to think are perfect. This awesome beast is impressive with its geometric body, patterns, and textures. It’s great seeing how the patterns take on new life with different coloring. As always, the type use and positioning is very well done.

The Andrew Bird poster is available for purchase here.

Poster Pick: Sonic Youth at the Turner Hall Ballroom

sonic youth

Sonic Youth Concert Poster designed by the Little Friends of Printmaking

After our interview with the Little Friends of Printmaking we decided to make their Sonic Youth print our Poster Pick of the week. If you haven’t seen the interview yet, it’s worth checking out. Melissa and JW break down the process of creating the Sonic Youth poster from the initial concept to the finished product.

You can purchase the Sonic Youth – Milwaukee concert poster at Poster Cabaret.

Doom Flower Print by Aesthetic Apparatus

aesthetic apparatus

Doom Flower Mini Print by Aesthetic Apparatus – 6″ x 6″.

Many of you are familiar with the distinctive works of Aesthetic Apparatus and this week we’re happy to add their ‘Doom Flower’ to our growing list of poster picks. This design studio continues to please us with their creative choices and prints like this. The colors used here stay true to their Doom series which is well worth browsing. The flow relies heavily on color and shape in the creation of the energetic flower pattern. The skull in the center adds an interesting balance and helps break things up a bit. I think this demonstrates great use of color and pattern. Those guys make it look so easy!

This print is available at