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Patrik Lindell

patrik lindell

Looking through the work of the Swedish photographer Patrik Lindell, it’s hard to choose only a handful of images to show. His work is so focused and consistent and I see many similar qualities with designers’ work that I admire. The compositions are straight-forward, and he has a keen eye for subtle details, pattern, color and structure.

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American Sampler – The Art of Sister Corita Kent

sister corita

American Sampler – The Art of Corita Kent is a beautifully presented limited edition boxed set of six high quality prints and a fully illustrated 40-page booklet about the artist.

Working closely with the Corita Art Center in LA, 50by70 has succeeded in accurately reproducing six of the artist’s most vivid works. The prints and book come in a stunning cloth covered box featuring a four colour screen print of open wide, a seminal print by Corita from 1964.

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Recently Received

new design books

Fresh treats from the mail bag. This week’s entry includes pieces from Nobrow, PA Press, Relay Room and Wiley.

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Javier Garcia

javier garcia

Very fun, engaging work coming from our San Francisco-based neighbor, Javier Garcia. Mr. Garcia’s style has an energetic, light-hearted feel to it that reminds me of bygone folk art.

In particular I’m drawn to the classical LP sleeve series, shown above. Javier has very clearly captured the feel of these rustic sleeves.

Be sure to check out his blog and Etsy shop!
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Round Robin

round robin

I recently received a wonderful set of books from Pixar artists Jennifer C. Chang, Daniela Stijleva and CinderBiter art director Katy Wu. The collaborative illustration project entitled Round Robin consists of three books, each centered on a series of fifteen illustrations that are connected through an “add-on” word game. Each artist took a turn in providing a word inspired by the one previously supplied, until 15 two-word combinations were completed.

For the next two weeks the artists involved will take turns revealing the process within each illustration. The first post in this ongoing series is now online.
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From the Job Board:EMP Museum + Greeting Cards

graphic design jobs

Exhibit Graphic Designer – EMP Museum (Seattle, WA)
Freelance Illustrator – Greeting card company (USA)

You can subscribe to our job listings via RSS, Email or follow at Twitter and Facebook.

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Rifle Paper Co.

I love the work coming from Rifle Paper Co., the small studio of husband & wife team, Anna & Nathan Bond. Sweet and charming, they make work that speaks well to the sentimentality of their illustration style, and embodies the idea of nuanced design.

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Mark Gowing

mark gowing

Mark Gowing is an Australian-based designer. His work encompasses a variety of media, but I find his poster design to be especially compelling. With a Swiss-oriented reference point, Gowing effectively utilizes simple, geometric shapes with engaging results.

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Now Available: Saul Bass’s Henri’s Walk to Paris

henri's walk to paris

Happy Valentine’s day, and what better way to celebrate than with surprising your loved one with a copy of Henri’s walk to Paris? The highly anticipated reissue of the classic kid’s book by Saul Bass was released today!

Pick up a copy at Amazon, Rizzoli/Universe (the publisher’s website) or your favorite local book store.

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Fancy Antique Display by Infamous Foundry

fancy antique display

From the Infamous foundry, the same studio that brought us Bolda Display, comes a beautiful new display font inspired by French decorative alphabets from the 1940’s and 1950’s. I gave Fancy Antique Display a test run this morning and instantly fell in love with it. Congrats to Morten at Infamous for this stunning piece of work!

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Mitch Blunt

Mitch Blunt illustration
Mitch Blunt is a UK based illustrator with an interesting straightforward style that pairs vibrant colors with flat textured shapes. His work is thoughtful in its execution and composition with compelling and often playful concepts. This image, titled “The Science of Love” created for Benhealth Magazine, cleverly shows an intricate (and quite possibly explosive) formula for love.

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Brighten The Corners

brighten the corners

Brighten The Corners is an independent, multi-disciplined design and strategy consultancy with offices in London and Stuttgart. It is also the title of the fourth studio album recorded by indie rock behemoth, Pavement. As an out-and-out fan of Pavement I find this connection quite interesting.

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Poster Pick: Landland


Dan Black is one-half of the Minneapolis-based design duo Landland. Besides his love of design, he has a real fondness for brown shirts and referring to himself in the third-person. With muted tones, his atmospheric landscapes often evoke a sense of nostalgia. This is evident in his work for The Hold Steady, which also happens to be this week’s poster pick.

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Damien Correll

Illustration superstar, Damien Correll, has been building up quite a portfolio of work in the past few years. Between his solo career as a freelance illustrator and designer, and his joint design-firm venture with Garrett Morin, Part & Parcel, Damien has taken the editorial and advertising world by storm. His most recent project is an art show at Raised By Wolves in Greenpoint, NY, where he features his newest hand-printed works.

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