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Fetridge & Outfitter

In recent years script fonts have found a renewed interest. Known for their fluid and varied strokes these digital counterparts draw inspiration from sign painting of the past and present. Since they are based on the gestures of the written word, they can add warmth and personality to a design often making it more approachable.

In today’s post we highlight a series of scripts from our sponsor The Hungry JPEG. Ranging in a variety of styles and weights  the examples below represent just a small fraction of their current catalog.



I Am the Frankenstein Monster!

Ralph Cosentino

Werewolves! vampires! spiders with top hats! These are some of the creatures featured in a new monster picture book series by author, illustrator, and character designer Ralph Cosentino. Inspired by his love for monsters this collection pays homage to the folklore and stories he admired as a kid.

In the first book, readers are invited to rediscover Frankenstein, not as a menacing beast but as a gentle giant with a love for reading and foreign languages. Joining him in his adventures are a chubby bat named Claude and a lovable cat named Bela. Together they explore alternative uses for windmills and learn the finer points of Spanish music and dancing (I suspect the later pays homage to Ralph’s own background as the son of Argentinian flamenco dancers). To help bring the story to life, Ralph employs auditory phrases and expressive typography to encourage parents and children alike to immerse themselves in the experience and pretend to be their favorite characters.

After years of burning the midnight oil, Ralph is ready to bring the series to light (but don’t tell Dracula!).  To secure a copy and earn cool stuff along the way, you can help support his efforts via this Kickstarter campaign.



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fonts.com subscription


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Skillshare & Squarespace

Squarespace has just released a free online Skillshare class called Creating a Website to Build Your Online Brand. In just one hour, instructor George Denison walks you through creating and maintaining an online presence that’s beautiful and helps you achieve your business goals. Lesson topics include: ways to grow your site over time, best practices for 5 essential site pages and tips for optimizing templates, images, and content.

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Font Bundle

The good folks at WebdesignerNews are offering a special font bundle to download and use. Included in the collection are 17 typefaces ranging from highly geometric designs to cursive scripts and modern sans serifs. Download the complete collection for free here.



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Squarespace Ecommerce

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Panton Font

Panton is a modern typeface that includes 34 different fonts, made up of 9 uprights, 9 italics and 16 icon sets! Easy to read, Panton is a great choice for using on everything from T-shirts to posters, thanks to its real softened geometric nature. See all the details here.


Squarespace Cover Pages

Squarespace Coverpages

First impressions are everything, and with Squarespace’s new Cover Page tool, you can craft a bold, yet elegant standalone landing page in a manner of minutes!  The twelve themes to choose from can be used in powerful ways for a variety of applications. Create pages to collect email addresses, promote your brand or even announce upcoming events. In addition, Cover Pages work independently of your core theme, so you can easily add them to an existing website. Combined with Squarespace’s robust e-commerce functionally, they can be used in unique and meaningful ways of connecting with your biggest fans and loyal customers.

Included with each Squarespace account are real-time analytics, a free domain, cloud hosting and award-winning 24/7 support.

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Vector Download

1001FreeDownloads is a new site where you can find thousands of images which are not only free, but royalty-free, and can be used for commercial and business purposes.The free downloads available on the site are organized under nine image types and categories: Vectors, Photos, Fonts, Icons, Wallpapers, Brushes, Styles, Patterns and Clipart and can be downloaded immediately without registration. Just pick and download, it’s that simple.



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Web Designer News

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