Daniel Frost

The increasingly amazing & expressive art from Daniel Frost has kept me a fan since the first time I stumbled upon his site a few months ago. While dabbling in the minimalist space, he creates complex stories using simple methods and shapes. My favorite work is from his latest series, called Frostville—a lovely show depicting the fictional world of Daniel Frost.

Keep up with Mr. Frost by checking out his blog, and take a look at his lovely shop over at his collective, Many Hands.


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Very interesting! Thanks for post.

Great post, I enjoyed ready reading it, Keep posting good stuff like this.

yes, it’s really cool!

Nice tutorials, I’ve already seen some of them but anyway they are still stunning.

I like these funny crafts All are simple but illustrating a lot of things.

What a great mental approach!

Thank for this topic While dabbling in the minimalist space. i am glad you helped me for this topic..