Save Prentice

prentice hospital

Designed by famed architect Bertrand Goldberg, Prentice Women’s Hospital has added drama and interest to the Chicago skyline for nearly four decades. Unfortunately, like Marina City Towers and many of Goldberg’s other architectural wonders, the hospital has no formal protection.

Today, the vacant building is threatened with demolition by Northwestern University, which sees the land on which Prentice sits as expansion space for a new research tower.

The same structural daring that once inspired the world to take a different look at Modernism can again capture its imagination this time though preservation and innovative reuse. You can support the comeback story of this cloverleaf-shaped icon by signing this petition. Your voice, and the voices of others who care about the past because of what it means for the future, will send a clear message – Prentice is a masterpiece worth saving.

*image via Landmarks Illinois

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