Mitch Blunt

Mitch Blunt illustration
Mitch Blunt is a UK based illustrator with an interesting straightforward style that pairs vibrant colors with flat textured shapes. His work is thoughtful in its execution and composition with compelling and often playful concepts. This image, titled “The Science of Love” created for Benhealth Magazine, cleverly shows an intricate (and quite possibly explosive) formula for love.

mitch blunt illustration

Mitch Blunt illustration

mitch blunt illustration

mitch blunt illustration

mitch blunt illustration

Mitch Blunt illustration

Mitch Blunt illustration

mitch blunt illustration

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This is Wonderful to see this artwork here! thanks for this beautiful sharing :)

A lot of this is very similar to the work of Adrian Johnson. Especially the illustration with the birds flocking away.

Re: Stephen Plunkett
Mitch’s work is highly original and i’d think twice before dishing out criticism like that after seeing the blobs with faces splashed all over your website!

Eliza Daniels |

Found design Illustration |

Awesome – love the colour palettes.

Re: Eliza Daniels (or should I say Mitch Blunt?)
You’re very touchy, I was just making an opinion on the illustrations – I didn’t say they were awful I only remarked that they were similar to another artist who I think is great. Strange how you didn’t put a link to your website? Or is it Mitch Blunt’s (which rhymes with Massive C**t) alias? :-D

Stephen: I don’t think there’s any need for comments like that. You’re entitled to your opinion and if I was going to reply to anything I would comment under my own name. I also love Adrians work, he taught me at Kingston for a bit so there’s definitely some influence there. As far as the comments about my name there’s no need to get personal or the use of the C word. Mitch

Mitch: Apologies, I thought that was one and I’m sorry for being personal about your name – that was uncalled for. You’re a very talented illustrator, as I said before I was only making an observation which you have explained and is totally understandable!

Lets lighten this up! Fantastically playful work, simple compostions but with an underlying intricacy.

The comments on this post have made my day. Why is no telling Eliza Daniels off for being a massive bitch?

Hi everyone,

I’d just like to say the offensive comments above from ‘me’ are definitely NOT from me.
Someone’s used my name and website and has posted insulting comments all over grainedit for some unknown reason.
Please ignore them! I’m not like that at all!