Ben Newman

Ben Newman

A while back, Grain Edit pal Sanjay Patel enthusiastically showed us a comic titled Ouroboros by British illustrator Ben Newman. In addition, he also showed us an awesome vinyl toy based on the comic. I was completely smitten with what I saw, and have had a major illustrator-crush on Ben’s work since then. His style is fresh and unique with its fun characters, bright colors, fuzzy textures and complex layering of shapes, and this piece from a developing print series “Masks” is no exception.

To see more of Ben’s work, visit his website and be sure to stop by his shop and pick up some wonderful prints. In addition, his works are also available through No Brow press.
Ben Newman

Ben Newman

Ben Newman

Ben Newman

Ben Newman

Ben Newman

Ben Newman

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how bout some variation in your posts grain feed!? seriously another composition of geometric, flat abstracted shape with bold colors and I may spew.

Poor Jim! He is feeling a bit poorly. Maybe he should stop spinning around and around after he has eaten.

Where would the world be without colourful, geometric shapes; thanks for sharing Grain Edit!

You seem to be more practicable! Keep up the good work!

Jim if you’re so fed up with Grainedit’s taste, go elsewhere! The rest of us come here because we respect it.

Grainedit RULEz !

Pretty certain I read somewhere that Mr Newman does all his geometric images by hand too. Not a vector in sight! Now that’s some impressive french curve/pair of compasses handling for sure. Respect

Cool designs. Very cool designs truly inspirational for many designers. Thanks for the share.

been looking at his work for almost a year now, great stuff! SO GRAINY

jeff |

Found design |

This is tasty! Great feature, Grace.

A battle of the most awesome: Grain Edit vs Nobrow

That is some great work. Liking it a lot!

Truly gorgeous work. Thanks for sharing.

I really like this retro/1950s artwork…it almost looks like 1930s Soviet styled artwork. Very nice color tones.