We Have Our Winners

Thanks to everyone who took part in the 2011 Poster Cabaret Bike Print Set Giveaway!  We randomly selected our winners this weekend. The winners will be listed at the bottom of the Grain Edit Email Update and Grain Edit RSS Feed.  For those of you who subscribe to the email updates, the email should arrive tomorrow morning.

The winners were also announced via our twitter stream and facebook page earlier today.

Individual posters from the 2011 Bike Print set are now available for purchase at the Poster Cabaret. Photos from the gallery show have been uploaded to the site as well.


Special thanks goes out to:

Poster Cabaret

Leandro Castelao | Brent Couchman | Dirk Fowler | Invisible CreatureTad Carpenter | Mark McDevitt/Methane Studios | Sonnenzimmer | Diana Sudyka | Blanca Gomez | Jay Ryan | Mara Piccione | Delicious Design League | Jason Munn | DKNG Studios | Will Bryant | Evan B Harris | Ty Wilkins | Alberto Cerriteño | Doublenaut

Please take time to visit their sites.