Mark Brooks

mark brooks

I’m really digging the deceptively minimal work of Mark Brooks. The illustrations are sparse and the images full of contrast, and I feel that the concept quality is top notch. For example, whatever is happening with the exploding — or shattering — giraffe below is amazing.

Mark’s portfolio is bold; I love that many of the pieces require a second look. In addition to the variety of pieces designed for Santamonica, the LA based apparel company, Mark also has a comprehensive logo portfolio. Like his print work, they are bold, crisp and smart (and largely typographical).

Check out his Behance portfolio as well.
mark brooks

mark brooks
mark brooks
mark brooks
mark brooks
mark brooks

mark brooks

mark brooks

(via iso50)

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Very interesting image – love the color!

I think SantaMonica LegitimateWear is actually based in Barcelona, Spain, despite the name.

I agree, the shattering/exploding giraffe is amazing.

Wow. Just amazing – the Stormtrooper one is dazzling!

Inspiring stuff!

The image of the giraffe suggests to me that it is evaporating.

Tim Smith |

Found design |

Wow. This is amazing stuff. I really love the minimal, clean design with a strong statement. Fantastic.

Amazing stuff. Minimal, clean and very bold.
Love the storm trooper too!

Amazing work. Some of it is very intriguing!