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Jim Flora

Untitled painting casually referred to as White Block Quadrupeds

Jim Flora was a fine artist/illustrator best known for his album cover art for RCA Victor and Columbia Records, as well as his illustrations for children’s books. In this uncirculated and untitled early 1940s painting, he presents us with a (literally) twisted cast of characters. As mentioned on the Jim Flora website, the work “depicts an inscrutable panorama of disconnected facial features, headless quadrupeds, and someone’s nightmare of a fanged horse”. This piece along with select paintings from the Jim Flora collection are now available as limited edition prints for purchase over at the Poster Cabaret.

Jim Flora


Jim Flora

The Big Bank Robbery

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Jim Flora’s work is awesome! Some more information about him and examples of work are on my studio blog.

You mentioned a couple books. A third is “The Mischievous Art of Jim Flora.”

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I agree – Jim Flora is really nice. Thank you for sharing.

I agree – Jim Flora is awesome. Thank you for posting!

he’s the man!

Nice Blog!!! Thanks for sharing with us this useful Information!!