Design For You: A Herman Miller Contest

design for you
Herman Miller has just launched Design For You: an exciting contest powered by collective participation. Each prize requires a certain number of people to unlock it. As more people enter the contest, more prizes will be unlocked. For the grand prize, you could win one of five hand-painted Eames Rockers created by Andrew Holder, Philip Lumbang, Christopher Lee, Mark Giglio, and Josh Cochran. Each chair is one-of-a-kind.

In addition to the weekly prizes, the person who gets the most people to enter the contest will win an Aeron chair.

For more information, including a full list of prizes, visit the Design For You home page.

Design For You – Behind the scenes footage of the artists


design for you

Mark Giglio Rocker

design for you

Andrew Holder Rocker

design for you

Phil Lumbang

design for you

Josh Cochran Rocker

design for you

Christopher Lee Rocker

Congrats to L.A. based interactive agency Hello Design in their collaborative effort with Herman Miller to bring this contest to fruition.


Also available for your viewing pleasure: Mark Giglio Studio Visit, Christopher Lee Illustration, Andrew Holder Art & Design

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So they ruined five beautiful chairs and made them “prizes”? I don’t get it.
You don’t add value to a work of art by defacing it.

Stay classy, Herman Miller.

Jeff |

Found design |

These guys are super-talented and the chairs are rad, but it would be awesome to see a female artist in the mix.

I agree- lovely chairs, hope i win one :) but its certainly a very male line-up

@Jeff: hilarious comment.

@Contest: sad it’s only available to U.S. residents. :/

I agree with Jeff!
The chair is an iconic design these “artists” added nothing to them. It actually brought Herman Miller down a notch. It looks like most of them had never picked up a brush before.They must be getting desperate for an Urban Outfitters type market.
Plus why is the line-up all guys?

Jannett A |

Found design |

Yes these chairs are an American classic but I think that these are some awesome looking chairs, and the artists have some done some great things here. Plus lets remember that Charles and Ray loved to constantly experiment and change things up, I would love one!

Charles and Ray never tried to appeal to young hipsters by having others ‘decorate’ their products with cartoons. There’s no way they would have allowed this if they were still alive.

Jannett summed it up pretty well. This is all about trying to make Herman Miller relevant to the Urban Outfitters/trucker hat crowd at the expense of an iconic product they are uniquely privileged to sell.

It’s just sad.

Jeff |

Found design |

Jeff, I have to disagree.
Take a look at this Eames chair illustrated by Saul Steinberg. (circa 1952) The Eames family still owns this chair.

I love how there are people out there thinking if a hipster does anything it’s instantaneously ruined for them and everyone else. Generalizations are the err of fools, to which perpetuates hatred and the division on this country, grow up.

This chairs design was not changed at all in this process and therefore the Eames’ design remains. I see this as a smart targeting move for Herman Miller. It was a way for HM to connect to a larger portion of their audience which are designers/artists, who appreciate the artwork of others. Additionally I do not see any trucker hats in this line up. That is a beanie and a New Era hat.

Dave – good points, but:

- Steinberg’s chair wasn’t done for promotional purposes.
- Steinberg was a friend of Ray & Charles.
- Steinberg was a genius.

Okay, I’m done here. Sorry if I’ve made anyone mad. :)

Jeff |

Found design |